Kindle Scout Update: Day 15

That number 15. Multiply it by 2 and you have 30. 30 is the number of the day. Why? Because 30 is the number of days for a Kindle Scout campaign and I am officially on the backside of that number.

So far, it’s been one hell of an experience. Not only have I enjoyed promoting Suicide Station, I’ve met new people, and discovered a thing or two.

Old dogs…new tricks.

One particular trick involves a really awesome service called Buffer. With this service, you can actually schedule Twitter retweets. That’s important, as those retweets really do a great job of expanding your reach. When you retweet someone’s post, it not only shows up on your feed, it shows up on theirs. That means you’re getting more mileage out of less work. But here’s the thing…you don’t want to go through your Twitter feed, search for all those tweets mentioning you and your book, and start clicking the retweet button like a lunatic. Instead, you take advantage of Buffer and schedule those retweets. With the help of this browser extension, I was able to schedule retweets to appear throughout the night…every 90 minutes. How cool is that?

Like 10 degrees Fahrenheit cool…that’s how.

Speaking of…


How’s it looking from this angle? Not bad. I will say this. Yesterday, after posting about momentum and the perpetual motion machine, the second I clicked Publish, Suicide Station fell off Hot & Trending. Now it only stayed off that list for two hours, but it served as a quick and dirty reminder that “down time” during this campaign doesn’t exist.

Anyway…here’s what we’re looking at thus far:


The internal/external ratio is holding at 36/64 percent. Hopefully that’ll rise again, so I can crawl closer to that elusive 50/50 percentage.

A girl can dream, right?

Oh wait…

Strike that. This isn’t Shero.

Keep on Nominating

If you haven’t nominated Suicide Station yet, please head on over to the campaign page, read the sample, and (if you feel it worthy), click the Nominate Me button. While you’re at it, look through some of the other outstanding books and nominate a couple more. You can have three books nominated at a time, so spread the love.