Kindle Scout Update: Day 12

Yesterday I was out for my daily run (when I do my best and deepest thinking) and my mind started grappling with the subject of genre. Specifically…romance. You see, I never thought I’d ever pen a romance. I’m a horror author, after all, and there is no room for love in the dark fantastique.

Or is there?

So there I am, pounding the pavement, and I realize something that, for whatever reason, never dawned on me.

There’s romance is almost every book I’ve written!

What the heck? Where did that come from. But seriously, almost every novel I’ve penned has romanced tucked within. Consider this:

  • Bethany and Jacob in “I Zombie I”
  • Bethany and Jamal in the remainder of the I Zombie series
  • Olivia Nightingale and Nathan Gage in the Klockwerk Movement series
  • Jamie Davenport and Craig Wayne in the Fringe Killer series
  • Scott and Sally in Among You
  • Shero and Fiend in the Shero series
  • Kitty and Billy in The Last Casket series
  • Jingo and Mikko in Teenage Wasteland
  • Johann and Elizabeth in Frankenstein Theory

In fact, the only books I’ve written without a wit of romance would be the Nameless Saga and The Dark Seduction (ironic, considering the title). So it should have come to absolutely no surprise that my career trajectory was on a collision course with romance.

That’s where Suicide Station comes into play. The first book I’d written where I could say the driving force, nay the soul, behind the story is love. It could be one of the very reasons why I wanted so badly to take on the Kindle Scout challenge with that particular book. Because the central theme is at the heart and soul of everything I write.

But why?

I can already hear my fellow writers of the horrific asking me “Why?” When I look back on everything I’ve written, I have to say that one of the common themes is that even caught up in the dark, thunderous storms of horror…love is often the truest form of hope we can hold. Faced with our personal demons, love is the thing that most often gets us through. It is a powerful, powerful force. Of course, I’m talking about real love–not the thing of daydreams and soft-core porn. This is the dirty, gritty kind of love that gets us through, day to day, and helps to hold our heads high. That’s the love in my books.

The numbers

Fine. So you’ve made us all think deep and, in some cases, even shed a single, crystalline tear. Where are the freakin’ numbers????

Here. Happy?

ks_day_12The numbers are still looking good.

As to the internal/external percentage? 34/66. I still have a ways to go to reach that elusive 50/50…but I’m confident.

Another thank you

During this campaign, on a daily basis, I’ve been so honored to see your support. Not just in the clicking of Nominate Me and the spreading of the word, but your reaching out to me to say how excited you are to read the book. Trust me, I’m just as excited for you to read it as are you. Maybe even more so! This story has been begging for release and I cannot wait for everyone to have it. But as we all sit back and wait for that to happen, I want to (once again), thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you’ve given me. You are all so wonderful.

And with that choking sentiment, I’ll say adieu for now.