Killer Missives: Josef Mengele

Disclaimer: These letters are fiction. They are meant for entertainment purposes and are only loosely based on real killers.

Within my collection of dark delights, there are items that I treasure far and away above all else.

There are also items that I have had to go to great lengths to acquire. This particular missive I bring to you today is one such item. For not only does this letter hold incredible financial value, it also has a very special place in my heart.

You see, among my various morbid obsessions, is a twisted passion for all things Nazi. This flight of fancy started when I was just a wee boy and discovered my grandfather had been a victim of the gas chamber in Bergen Belsen.

As I dug deeper into the heart and legacy that was Nazi Germany, I realized the epitome of human depravity had been finally uncovered. From that point on, every piece of new information was like a gift of horror sent to me from the Gods.

And this piece holds a coveted spot on my morbid mantel.

The missive in question is a poem, written by Herr Josef Mengele, to a set of young twins he enjoyed on his operating table.

Herr Mengele had a rather dark penchant for twins. Whether he was injecting their eyes with various lethal fluids or sewing them together to create conjoined twins, Mengele took twisted to new levels and circles of Hell. And here, for the first time ever, is one of the only poems from the very mind of madness to ever survive.

Note: This poem was translated from the original German.

Eyes, so filled with fear

Dare not dwell on a sub-human connection

I am your Angel of Mercy, come to soothe your hurt

and fulfill your need for one another

Your Uncle will deliver you from the evil you see

with sweets and promises of joy and laughter

But unto my command you must abide

else the Iron Giant come crashing down upon your

fragile souls

The Swastika will be your comfort as I guide you into the light

of the next evolution of life.

Allow me, my Roma darlings, to bleed you into one another

To exchange your hearts like candied sugar

I will knot your veins into a loving canal of life

So that you will finally be realized into one, whole being

On paired wings, you will sore into the heavens to be

greeted by God

And with the bluest of eyes, you will see the truth

The divine Reich, the one true Holy Fuhrer

When you arrive, my sweet, sweet darling children

Remember my name and speak it well to the Heavens

As you walk through the gilded gates you will be given

your pass to heaven’s treasures, the nectar of Gods and the

song of angels to be sung into the very ear of the true chosen

merchant of souls.

Until then, your bluest of eyes

Stare up at me from the operating table

Your skin laid open, ready to be stitched together

With a tug of the suture, I will draw you nearer than you’ve ever dreamed

Make you one, make you whole

With the drawing of souls complete I will watch over you, the ever-honored servant

When you stand again,

four legs moving as one,

you take your first steps toward

a new father,

a new humanity,

a new beauty

My twins, redefined, remade, whole again

from the image in my mind.