Killer Missives: Albert Fish

Disclaimer: These letters are fiction. They are meant for entertainment purposes and are only loosely based on real killers.

Piety at the hand of a twisted, merciless killer is something everyone should witness. Either first hand, or vicariously through, say, a letter – the proclamation of divinity from the mouths of the insane, is a train wreck all must heed.

In my collection of rarities, no letter is more precious than the letter I present to you below.

This missive was a letter written to God by one of the most vile humans to ever walk the planet –Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish.

Known as The Grey ManThe Werewolf of WysteriaThe Brooklyn VampireThe Moon Maniac, and The Boogey Man, Fish committed the atrocity of atrocities in the raping, maiming, and eating of children. The psychiatrists at the time reported Fish a “psychiatric phenomenon” and claimed that nowhere in legal or medical records was there another individual who possessed so many sexual abnormalities.

Fish wrote letters to the parents of the children he devoured, engaged in sadism, coprophilia, urophilia, pedophilia, infibulation, cannibalism, and masochism. To Fish, his cannibalizing of children was his very communion with God.

Now, knowing that, I leave you with this Killer Missive written to God the night before The Boogey Man was to be put to death for his crimes.



Dearest God,

I spend my last moments on your firmament tonight. It has been determined the righteous path you set me on so many years ago was not fit for your children. And although I realize I am but a filthy maggot in your presence, I have to ask ‘why’? Why would you allow one who served your every demand to die at the hand of the chair? I have served you to the best of my ability. When you insisted my only path to innocence and truth was to consume the flesh of children – I obeyed. Never did I hesitate to dine on human waste, because you said it would cleans the evil from my system. The pins and needles I willingly inserted into the flesh of my pelvis served as a reminder of the crown of thorns you endured. All of this, and so much more, did I do in reverence to your name and holy spirit.

And for what? For you to send the Grim Reaper to my side to consume my soul and spirit.

As I let my mind drift back to the last of my victims, I am forced to believe my mistake was little Gracie Budd. She was the only female and probably my undoing. My intention was her little brother – oh how sweet his little Monkey and Peewees would have been. But little Gracie had the hair and disposition of a boy. So, I set about to win over her tiny heart. I became just another trust-worthy adult in the eyes of that angelic child. She gave me her laughter, her cherub cheeks, her sweet breath.

Gracie would bounce upon my knee to the made-up songs I sang. We played silly games, and recited childish poems. She set upon me a trust reserved for her parents – it was all such a perfectly laid plan.

As I strangled the life from her, tears streamed down her face. At that moment I recognized my folly – I was not meant to extinguish the lives of little girls. Would their flesh be as sweet? Would their fragile souls nest well within my darkness? I received no answers to the questions I sought, so I continued on so not to disrupt your divine plan. In the end, she did she look and taste sweet. But sweeter still was the fear in her giant brown eyes as her life expired.

Since imprisoned, I have thought only of my deference and gestures to you. Those thoughts crowded and consumed my conscience. Each and every one of those children come back to me in my sleep to beg forgiveness and be allowed into your heaven. I am their salvation as you are mine. Our holy plan made real, made whole. But my time has come to a dark, bitter end. I prayed last night that you would intervene so that I may be freed to once again walk the true path. That intervention did not happen.

Tomorrow morning, Albert Fish will be no more.

When the guard asked me for my last meal, I was met with a closed fist to the jaw. The blood that poured from my mouth made me weep for freedom, for the days when I could walk about the Earth and serve your needs. God – my faith is unwavering. No matter the temptation presented to me, no matter the pain worship brought, I bathed in the blood of your lambs and did eat of the flesh of the innocent to serve you. And now? Now, I die for you. The ultimate sacrifice for the ultimate God. You gave me the gift of life and the gift of taking life. And now, in less than twenty four hours, I return to your keep. Although I would much prefer to endure the suffering of your servitude here among the children, I will happily join your side in Heaven.

But please, dearest God, have my heaven filled with your young angels, that I may continue to serve as your slave for eternity.

Yours in flesh,

Albert Fish.