Kasey Pierce: Sins of the Father

To continue our celebration of Women Of Horror, I present to you a sample from Kasey Pierce’s “Finding Poe”.

Publisher, Source Point Press
First edition published by Rocket Ink Studios

“With a face of stone, he clenched his molars, making more plasma seep through his lips.
His look was returned by a stern Lucifer. “I know you want to kill me. But I never once lied to you. And your wife did technically sleep with someone else. Now you just sit and think about that before you haul off and beat me again.”

Damned if the Devil wasn’t right. Father Peters crashed helplessly to his knees and wept; he was a mess of mucous, blood, and tears.

As much as Lucifer enjoyed watching anyone fall to pieces, his enjoyment was sucked clean by what seemed a swift victory. He jumped to his feet, grabbed the priest’s jacket and thrashed him around on the floor. “Listen, pal! You’re even-steven now! She slept with someone, you slept with someone, I didn’t sleep with either of you…there’s no reason either of you should be so hard on yourselves.
Neither of you are destined to reside with me. Sound fair?”

The priest’s eyes slowly danced their way to the floor, calculating all of this logic. There was simply no room for argument. Lucifer was right. Maybe they were even, after all, and he could seek redemption from here on out knowing their sins were parallel.

With a dramatic jerk of his arm, Lucifer raised his sleeve to check his watch. “WOW! It’s getting late here, Father!” He crouched down to talk straight into Peters’ ear “But listen…now that there is some sort of balance – you two are square, we’re square – you need to get outta here before the old lady actually does suspect something. Capeesh?”

Peters nodded and slowly rose to his feet, feeling more clear-headed than he had in some time. He turned to Lucifer and asked carefully, “Did God send you?”

Lucifer put his hands in his pockets, “Nah, Father. Big man slanders me left and right in his publications. Every now and again I gotta make sure that people know that while I may be a little nuts, I’m not all that bad.” Peters nodded as he dabbed further streams of blood from his mouth. Tucking his blood soaked hanky into his pocket, he looked into Lucifer’s eyes to say, “Please leave.”

With that, the Devil strolled down the aisle and past the piles of pew rubble, whistling another chorus of “Chatanooga Choo Choo”.

When the large oak door creaked open and slammed, a still silence took over. Peters looked around the empty church, and the night’s events sank deep into his core. Even with all the damage Satan had done that evening, he couldn’t deny that the events gave him a new outlook.

A broader scope. A view of the bigger picture. He was tired of beating himself up. Knowing now that balance was somewhat restored to his life, he could move forward. He now had a chance to leave behind his wrong and live a righteous life from here on.

With newfound relief and joy in his heart, Peters ran to grab his coat from the office. He snatched it from the rack and hurled himself through the halls, throwing his arms into the sleeves of his black trench as he went. The heavy doors swung open and he greeted a rainbow in the sky as the sun rose after the night’s rain. Breathing in the petrochoric fragrance, he thought to himself, “New perspective. New life. Here I come.”

He jogged the three blocks to his house on Grand Avenue, practically skipping up the steps once he reached his red brick bungalow. He dropped his keys for fidgeting with excitement. He couldn’t wait to hold his girls and embrace his wife again. Once inside, he called out to them, “Sarah? Girls?” But there was no reply. Maybe the girls were at the neighbors. That meant…with a smile, he made a mad trek down the hall to his bedroom. He opened the door and stepped in, ready to begin again—
He didn’t get to finish his thought.

Numbness overpowered him. The shock hit him like a bullet and incapacitated him. Helplessly, he hit the wood floor next to the bed; his body slumped itself against the wall. He was unable to move as he raised his eyes to a most horrific sight.

His wife, in bed with the same young schoolboyish man, was playing before him.

This time, though, he was witnessing the scene in its entirety. His wife’s posterior was presented before the man, but her hands were tied behind her back. The ropey binding was as sopped with blood as were her upper thighs. She cried out in agony as Asmodeus ripped into her even further, laughing all the while, “Oh, Sarah!”

Peters cried out from the floor, “Get off of her, demon! NOW!” A helpless Sarah could not hear or see her husband’s presence. No one could. He lay there, slumped on the floor as the demon took his pleasure in this savage rape.

As Asmodeus laughed on, he threw his head back to reveal the two horrified girls, the priest’s twin daughters, wide-eyed against the wall. They were gagged and tied, their wrists raw from the rope’s intense friction on their porcelain skin. Blood dripped onto their floral sundresses.
Lucifer appeared in the doorway. Surprisingly, Peters was relieved to see him. Now that they had established some level of trust, surely the Devil would put an end to this. In his broken state, Peters cried out to him, “PLEASE! PLEASE CALL OFF YOUR DEMON!”

With a snide smile, Lucifer just leaned against the doorframe, “Welcome to Hell, Father.”
Peters shook his head in disbelief. With that, he began to cry, “No…NO! You said I was not destined for this place!”

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About Kasey

Sci-fi/horror writer, Kasey Pierce, is author of sci-fi comic series, “Norah” and horror novella, “Pieces of Madness”. Other credits include the foreword for Gothic-werewolf novella, “Rampant” (Werner) and the afterword for morbid-satire graphic novel, “Dead Duck and Zombie Chick: Rising From the Grave” (Fosgitt). She’s also cited as the author of John Marroquin’s upcoming sci-fi graphic novel, “Mexica”. Currently, she’s working on an action-drama with writer, Bob Salley. (tba)
To find out more, visit kosmickasey.com or Facebook.