It’s time to spread some love

The world is slowly tearing itself apart. From the inside out, hate is ripping the human creature to shreds and showing no signs of letting up. We have forgotten the one thing that offers the strength and unifying nature to heal and right the sinking ship.


I know, it sounds hokey in a John Lennon kind of way … but it’s true. Hate has had its day, now it’s time to dismantle the engine of hatred and find our humanity again. This giant leap forward begins with one simple step: Leaving ignorance behind.

That’s right, ignorance. I’m not talking Jed Clampetian ignorance. This goes much deeper than the hills of Kentucky. I’m talking about deep-seeded ignorance, born of hatred and stupidity.

  • Racism
  • Homophobia
  • Classism
  • Sexism

The above for ‘isms and ‘obias spread more hatred than anything else on the planet. And even the one bit of dogma intended to bring the people together fills so many with so much anger. That dogma I speak of is religion. Yes, religion has the power to do very good things. It also has proved it holds the keys to a very dark and angry kingdom. Religious wars have been going on for centuries. Why? Because your God is different than their God? Because you have soiled our holiest of grounds with your infidel flesh?

I get the idea of sanctity and holiness. I understand that there will always be those who would do absolutely anything for their religious beliefs. But wouldn’t it make more sense to do good with those beliefs? Instead of judging, hating, KILLING … wouldn’t it better serve the purpose of your Gods and Messiahs to, I don’t know, spread love? After all, isn’t that precisely WWJD?

I understand that you were brought up just like your parents. They hated those of a different color, didn’t trust anyone that didn’t see things their way, and just generally felt threatened by anything different. The world, however, has changed. What was once the majority … isn’t so much any more. What was the typical train of thought has been derailed.

A portion of the world has started to open its eyes and run from Darwinian failure. We’ve realized that evolution, adaptation, and a more open minded process of thought and emotion is the only way to keep from completely wiping clean the slate of man. It’s time we rid ourselves of the ugliest part of man — ignorance.