It’s my end of the world post

Well folks, it’s been a good ride on this planet Earth. But, according to the Mayans, this bitch is coming to an end in a few hours. If that’s the case, why bother posting something here on the Jackverse? Well, I have to say ‘goodbye’ to everyone who was so kind to hang around my world — even if only for a fragment of their lives. So as you now wander free, among the rubble strewn about the wasteland, I thought you might want to know, the Zombie King is out there looking for fellow travelers.

How did it end? Was it good for you? As that cold, black end arrives, can you look back upon your life and say “I’m leaving behind a trail of awesome.” Or do the regrets weigh so heavily on you that you embrace the apocalypse like a old, familiar lover. Do you wish you’d have done more, seen more, loved more? Or can you look the end times in the face and say “Suck it, bitch! I lived large!”

Okay, few of us would even really want to say that, but you get the idea.

And you probably get the idea where this is going. No the end might not wind up sucking us into a black hole of nothing today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reflect on our lives and decide if what we are leaving behind is good, bad, or ‘meh. I have a theory — one which I will share with you.

I don’t generally go much into religion (which is by design). But I wanted to share with you my take on what the afterlife is. For me, the afterlife is leaving behind enough positive memories that I will go one, in the minds and hearts of others, when I’m gone. It’s cheesy, but I proudly own that.

Of course, if the Mayans were right, there won’t be anyone left to hold onto those memories. Well, except maybe Keith Richards and cockroaches.

Anyway — ladies and gentlement of the Jackverse; if the world does end I want you to know it’s been great! If it doesn’t end, let’s kick this hayride up to one hundred miles an hour! Until we find out for sure… have a GREAT last day on this island Earth.