Interviewed by Dave’s Nerd Compendium

I recently had my seventh interview on Dave’s Nerd Compendium. That’s right, seven! Listen to the podcast here.

dncredongreysampleThis week, I am joined once again by my good buddy Jack Wallen. He’s been quiet the past few months, a little too quiet. That is because he has been working on four books. And today we are talking about three of them. All are going to be dropping within mere weeks of one another. First, we have “Punk Ass Punk” which could be the start of a new series. Second, “Buy Zombie Buy” the latest addition to the I Zombie series. Lastly, “Midtown Anthology 2” a collection of authors writing different stories but all with the same concept ideas. Then like with most conversations with Jack we go off on tangents in the realm of Open Source, Audiobooks, Music, and Podcasts.

Dave talks about everything nerdy! From books to movies to video games and much, much more!

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