Interview with Skip Abrahm

I thought it would be an interesting study in character to interview one of my favorite creations, Skip Abrahm. Skip is an officer on the Louisville Police Department and has been partnered with Jamie Davenport, serving as her mentor and best friend. Skip is also an openly gay man who brings light and life to any situation. Let’s see what Skip has to say.

JW: Thank you for taking the time to sit with me and chat Mr. Abrahm.

SA: Call me Skip. Hell, call me anything you like…just make sure you call me.

JW: What’s it like? Being an openly gay man on the Louisville Police Force?

SA: Such an interesting question. By the way, I LOVE those shoes – are those Prada? What size shoe do you wear? 8 1/2? Seriously? Sister, you should so be a drag queen. Sorry, what was the question? Oh yes, being gay on the LMPD. Honestly, at first it was a real point of stress. BJ (That’s “Before Jamie”) I was so deeply entrenched in the closet I sometimes forgot which team I played on. But when Jamie arrived on the scene everything changed. That young woman really gave me the confidence I needed to come out – even on the force. Oh sure, some of the countrier of the bumpkins really gave me shit for it for a long time. I can’t tell you how many dildos magically appeared in my locker. Not that it bothered me. Seriously, how could laying eyes on THAT every time you open up your locker bother a man. For shame.

Did I answer your question sweetie?

JW: In your own special way, yes. So, what was the worst killer you’ve had to track down?

SA: Oh, I just new you were going to ask such a dreadful question. You sure you wouldn’t rather just asking me out? No? Okay fine, be that way. The worst killer I’ve seen has to have been Lakme. That man was doomed from birth. I get chills just thinking of the atrocities the man committed…against wonderful human beings. I’ve seen killers of all types, killing for reasons I will never understand. But Lakme was different; he felt himself a God and with that God-hood, he felt it his duty to correct mistakes he didn’t have the ability to correct.

JW: You lost a dear friend at the hand of Lakme, right?

SA: Yes. And I did everything I could to keep that from making his capture personal.

JW: Let’s lighten it up a bit. What about your love life? Anyone special to speak of?

SA: If I can wrestle your phone number from you, there will be someone very special in my life. You know what they say – everyone is just a six pack and a massage away from gay. No? I have had my eye on someone special, but I don’t dare mention his name in public. I’m not into outting people without their consent. Honestly, the most special person in my life is Jamie.

JW: What do you like to do when you’re not in uniform?

SA: Oh honey, you need to ask?

JW: Let me rephrase the question. Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do outside of work?

SA: Believe it or not, I’m really outdoorsy. I hike a lot. Bernheim forest is one of my favorite places to go. Canoeing is a real treat, but only in the summer. I get the best tan on the water. Jamie and I have this wonderful yearly camping adventure involving the two of us, a tent, a flashlight, and not much more. We just strip it down to the bare minimum. No phones, no Facebook, not distractions. It’s glorious. Oh, I also knit. Shit the bed, I have this perfect pattern for a cap that would look FABULOSO on you. Please tell me you’ll let me knit something special for you?

JW: I never turn down a good…

SA: Man?

JW: I was going to say “gift”.

SA: Semantics.

JW: One last question. What’s next for Skip Abrahm?

SA: A nap and then a night at the Cha-Cha Palace? Oh, you’re looking for bigger picture type answers. Well, to be honest, the single most important goal I have is making sure Jamie gets that promotion to detective. No one on the force deserves promotion more than she. Outside of that I plan on keeping the streets of Louisville, Kentucky as safe for every color of the rainbow as I can. I want us all to be able to wave our flags high and proud without fearing some psychopath is going to take them down.

JW: Thank you so much for your time.

SA: Oh no, thank you. And, just in case, here’s my phone number. You never know, you might wake up some night and play for our team. If that happens, I’m your man. Rowr!

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