Indie Support Day

One of my fellow indie authors, Tamworth Grice, has officially declared that Wednesday, June 22nd to be Indie Support Day and I have to say I am one hundred percent behind her.

Her blog post about the subject is fairly clear cut — support indie authors, musicians, and artists. I thought I should chime in on the topic (As I am want to do, since I wear shoes with soapbox soles.)

For as long as I can remember I have been a big supporter of the little guy. The mom and pop shops, local vendors, music, artists, you name it! I don’t shop at Wal Mart and do my best to buy all of my good locally. Sure there are times when I have to venture on line to pick up something, but that is usually done when said something can not be found locally.

Louisville, KY has a fairly proud tradition when it comes to “Keeping it weird” or “Keeping it local”. So, I want to start a new campaign:

Keeping it indie

I have already dedicated all of my reading time to only indie authors and I do everything I can to help get the word out to the general public. When I hear of someone looking for a new book, I try to ask what genre they are looking for and then recommend one of my fellow indie authors. In fact, let’s get this hayride up to one hundred miles per hour and have all of my fellow indie authors post (in the comments of this blog entry), their name and the genre they write in. That way readers who are looking for specific genre writers can simply search your name.

And, for those that do not know yet — I write in the horror, thriller, and paranormal genres.

Tamworth really is dead on with this…we need to make as much noise as we can now — while the fires are really only now starting to burn. Make the world aware that indie doesn’t just apply to music and film, but to books as well. We are many, we are strong, and (with a bit of work) we can be united in a front to make the world know our work is just as viable as any other.

Indie Powers Unite!