I Zombie I Review

One of the more influential indie reviewers out there gave I Zombie I a chance. When I heard she was reviewing it, I have to admit I was nervous as an alterboy on Sunday morning, but my nervousness was all for naught, as she loved the book!

Here is the original link to Kindle Obsessed’s review and here is the text from the review.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I LOVE zombies. There is just something about their ability to “project their issues” that I can get behind, (anger management anyone?) So, when Jack Wallen shot me an email asking if I’d take a peek at his new book “I Zombie I” there was absolutely no way I was going to turn him down.

One of the many things (and believe me there is a list) I love about zombies is the ability to form them into anything you want. Want a zombie that requires you to be a cardio phenom? No problem…coming right up. Want a zombie that enjoys a good “brain slushy” versus “gummy guts”, again…no problem. The best part however, the thing that really has me clamoring to get my hands on anything “living dead” related, is their “iconasism” (yep, totally made that word up.)Zombies, Moaners, Screamers, Freaks, whatever you prefer to call them, the fact remains that they are just down right easy to poke fun at, which (and here comes the part where I explain my made up word) makes them entertainment icons, and hard to pass up.

Now…as for “I Zombie I,” it’s completely ridiculous, BUT (and that is a really big but so pay attention) in a completely wonderful way. Incorporating the sarcastic humor of say… “Sean of the Dead” and the desperation of “28 Days Later” Wallen managed to blaze a path that felt both original, and undeniably refreshing.

Jacob Plummer is no “greenhorn” to action. Having spent the majority of his life as a field reporter, being ass deep in life threatening situations is second nature to him, but when the Earth’s population suddenly turns from living to…well…pale and really hungry for brain matter, Jacob finds himself with the prime opportunity to see what he’s REALLY made of. Unfortunately, before he gets that chance, (you know, save the girl, save the day, capture the super hero crown) he gets chomped on by one of Munich’s recently reanimated. Damn the luck. “I Zombie I” is the journal of Jacob’s trails and tribulations in a world full of very hungry dead people, and eventually his road to ZOMBIFICATION.

Like I said before, zombies make fantastic targets for slightly off kilter humor, and no one (that I have ever read anyways) captured that essence quite like Jack Wallen. Opting for sarcasm over pure terror made this one of the funniest books I have read in a while, and in doing so, captured a (very highly coveted) place in my zombie hall of fame. No worries though… this book was NOT all about blood slushys and sound bombs, there WAS a deeper story intertwined, one of hope, love, and the recognization of loneliness, making this a well rounded and spectacularly written piece of literature.

My advice? If you, (like me) love the “anger management-ly challenged” this is a MUST READ! If however you are a tad squeamish and prefer happier books, make a left and keep on looking.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: Don’t be stingy with your bullets. Double Tap!

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