I Zombie I gets a facelift

No, I didn’t take my favorite zombie in for botox today. What I did was a bit of tweaking to the cover of everyone’s favorite Zombie novel – I Zombie I. Why? Let me tell you a little story.

The cover for I Zombie I went through a lot of remixes. The original covers were simply covers I created quickly to have something available. They sucked. I knew I had the graphic skill to do a good cover, but the graphic muse had yet to speak to me.

To the left you can see the original cover. Yawn! The thing screams novice. Dripping blood? Really? How cliche…and what exactly did the cover say about the book? Squadoosh — that’s what it said.

And so I waited for some inspiration. That inspiration came when I sat down and gave the book enough thought to boil it down to what Brecht would call a Gestus. A Gestus is the combination of physical gesture and “gist” or attitude that can reveal the underpinnings of a character. In this case – the character of Jacob Plummer. I realized his screams of agony and his words were all that were necessary. And so was born the original (to the right) that would inspire the final take on the cover.

The next evolution was to make it look more professional. That was the cover that has graced the ebook stores and the paperback version until today. And now, I get to reveal the updated (and final) version of the cover.

And here it is. Isn’t it lovely?

What I decided was that the cover needed to be darker and more clear. The fonts on the original weren’t clear and didn’t “pop out”. Now the do. But that’s not all. I realized, when looking at the cover of I Zombie I next to the cover of My Zombie My, that they didn’t fit together. Now they do…and they should (since this is a series.)

I hope you agree with me. I do love the creative process and was very happy to bring to my readers a much more professional looking cover that would fit in with the entire trilogy when it is complete.

As always, thank you so much for reading and enjoying the worlds I have created.