Humpday Horror: Travesty Vision

Just what does that title mean? It’s a secret. Okay, not really. Today’s Humday Horror is about television — specifically what gets canned vs. what remains. The trash that lasts vs the gems that die. It’s about the thinking man’s loss vs. the simpleton’s gain. Could I be more cryptic? Hell yes I can! Let’s get busy!

The “meh” generation

I blame them. Couch squatters with the motivation of slugs and the thumbs of a cheetah (for texting purposes only). What could be intelligent beings zapped by apathy, glued to…I even hate to type this…MTV.


That “M”…it used to stand for “Music”. Now? It stands for “Meh”. Let’s examine the programming for Meh TV.

  • Silent Library: A game show where young “mehs” must do stupid things in a library.
  • Real World San Diego: Same stupid “mehs” doing stupid things in San Diego.
  • I used to be fat: Stupid “mehs” bitching about their weight.
  • Chelsea Settles: I have no idea. Probably some stupid female “meh”, bitching about her lazy, ugly “meh” boyfriend.
  • Ridiculousness: Title says it all.
  • True life: Yeah, right. One episode was called “I have a hot mom”. Yet another reality TV show about a bunch of “mehs”.

That, my lovelies, is what has taken the place of music videos. But, hey, maybe they did us a favor. If it weren’t for this horrific line up of shows, we’d hear the “meh generation” watching loudly the videos of Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, and other crap-tastic “artists”.

Now, let’s examine some of the shows that have been removed from the airways, prematurely. These shows each died a painful death, leaving fans all over the world filled with sorrow and loss.

  • Firefly: Probably one of the greatest sci-fi series to ever grace the tube. It was a Joss Whedon brain-child, so you know it had depth of character, an incredible script, and an amazingly loyal fan base. Yanked after one season.
  • Carnival: Brilliant. Pure brilliance. It was dark, mysterious, incredibly well written and acted. This should should have gone on for years. Instead, it enjoyed two seasons.
  • United States of Tara: Toni Collette was amazing in this show. In fact, I might go so far as to say it was some of the finest acting in a television series I had ever seen. Nope — not droll enough for the American audience. You gone!
  • Dead Like Me: I loved this show. There was so much to love. It was quirky, it was well acted, it had meaning, and it had fun. It also had low ratings — probably because the main characters weren’t sexy enough for a viewing public growing ever more shallow.
  • Brimstone: A policeman how makes a deal with the devil. He’s to stop demons from leaving Hell and, in the end, he’ll get to see his dead wife again. This show was incredible. John Glover played the devil. That performance alone should have been enough to keep this show on track for a multi-season run. Nope. To risque. No one wants to like the devil! Shame, shame oh thinking man.

Now the sad thing is, this list could continue on…for quite some time. The amount of cancelled quality TV programming vs. the trash that remains is staggering…horrific! It makes you want to find those that decide such things and go all Dexter on them. Unfortunately, those that make such decisions are probably members of the “meh” army and wouldn’t give two shits if you did — so long as you didn’t interrupt them while they were watching the latest episode of “I was a teenage, pregnant fat girl who had a hot mom and wanted a boob job.”