Hey Puritans, let go of us already!

The Superbowl is over and in typical fashion people are coming out of the woodwork to complain about various and sundry bits and pieces. Someone flipped the bird on national television! Oh my! Someone said a dirty word in front of my children! Oh goodness no!

Martha, get over it. It’s 2012 (one hundred years away from the Priests of the Temple of Syrinx taking control of the planet) and we still can’t get beyond the goody too shoes clutch of the Puritans. Well, I have something to say to those with a Puritanical bent…

…fuck off!

I understand this is a hard take on life and I’m not really the offensive type. In fact, I’m all about ‘live and let live’. I don’t care who you sleep with, what you read, about the clothes you wear. I have what most would call a very open mind.

But seriously — the horror of horrors is that so many people are so uptight that they can’t not only enjoy themselves, they can’t allow others to enjoy their lives. They want to:

  • Tell us who we can sleep with.
  • Tell us who we can marry.
  • Tell us what we should watch.
  • Tell us what we should listen to.
  • Tell us what we should wear.

To those people I have one simple question: Who are you that you should be able to determine exactly what is right and wrong?  Did some grand wizard wave a magic wand and anoint you with a divine power to decree what is right and righteous? If so, why did you determine that the choices you have made were the only choices worth merit?

I know I seem a bit angry about this — and I am. Why? I write horror novels and many times my novels go well outside the boundaries the standard fare — but what do you expect from horror? The very genre itself bends the rules of nature and mankind. But my work (or any reaction to my work) is not what this is about.

This is about you and about me and about desperately wanting to the world to just get the fuck along. I love people. I love all shapes, sorts, colors, religions, sexuality — all of it. People are wonderful. I hear from fans all the time and I love how unique each and every one of them are.

But something, some horrific thing dredged out of the horror and terror of my nightmares, insists itself upon the human race and prevents love and acceptance from happening. This is a tragedy and I want to call out to each and every one of you to open your arms and your hearts and help to brush aside the horror that is hate. Because what on this planet is worst than hate?

Nothing. Period.

And ultimately that’s what this is all about (not the hokey pokey). Hate breeds nothing but hate and when you have hate inside of you you are blinded to all of the wonderful fabulousness the world has to offer.