Here’s where the story… begins!

Ladies and gentlegiants of the Jackverse, Hell’s Muse has been shipped to edit! That means but one thing — a new project! But what to begin? I’ve bounced back and forth between ideas so much my head is swimming with possibility. But, in the end, I must make a choice and begin the beguine again.

So… just what happens next? Read on to find out.

As for Hell’s Muse, I cannot wait to unleash this novel upon you. In the end, the book turn some serious twists and turns that I hadn’t expected. In fact — the book wound its way into it’s own series that will perfectly lead into what I thought was going to be another one-off horror novel. That book is “The Nails of Calvary”. I believe (at least at the moment) this will wind up a trilogy which will include the following titles:

  • Hell’s Muse
  • The Nails of Calvary
  • War of Lies

The third title is a working title. But there is such a story to be told about that third book. Care to hear? But of course you do — otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading! Let’s hop in our TARDIS and jump back to a time when the Seattle music scene was king and the visible thong was just catching on. The 90s.

I was in my last year of graduate school at the Purdue University Professional Actor Training Program and feeling like the world was about to completely open up for me. Creativity, in all forms, was not only encouraged, but expected. I was acting, dancing, singing, directing, writing music… and playing Vampire: The Masquerade. If you’re not sure what that is — it’s a role playing game centered around the world of Vampires. It was a dark and gothy time and we relished it. During these marathon gaming sessions, it dawned on me that my character needed his story documented.

And so… my first attempt at fiction began. Though it would never see the light of day, it still offered glimpses of what would become my eventual author voice. Soon after I gave up on that story, I began penning another story — this one born of a very personal, internal struggle — one that I have never voiced before. That story centered around a young man, Job, who always felt he held within him an incredibly important purpose. What Job didn’t know was that he was destined to become a pawn in a war of biblical proportions.

I still have the rough scratchings, on yellowed notebook paper, that was my first serious attempt at fiction. It was this story that I knew I had to write. Job’s story was never finished — but it lead me to formulate The Nails of Calvary. And so when Hell’s Muse decided it wanted to jump onto that dark hayride, I realized I had a trilogy on my hands. That trilogy is now The Nameless Saga.

In the beginning was the lie.

These books will challenge belief systems, gag reflexes, anger management, tear ducts, the monsters under your beds, and your need to sleep with the lights on.

And now that Hell’s Muse is off to edits, it’s time to begin something new. Here are my choices:

  • Control: The next in the Fringe Killer Series
  • T-Minus Zero: A bridge novel for the I Zombie series
  • Attack of the Pink Fog: The next Shero novel
  • The Nails of Calvary: The next in line for The Nameless

There are plenty more — but those are the one’s that are up for serious consideration. Why not Cry Zombie Cry? Well, the band Unsun has to hold off on recording the song Cry Zombie Cry until they get the green light from their label. I didn’t want to make anyone wait too long for the next book in the I Zombie series, so I am going to pen a very special prequel to I Zombie I — from the perspective of the Zero Day Collective (hence the name).

At the moment — it’s between T-Minus Zero and Control for next up. So, I though I would ask the Jackverse — which would you rather see next? Sound off my lovelies!