Happy Halloween!

Muhaha! It’s Halloween… not only in the Jackverse, but EVERYWHERE! It’s time for everyone of a spookier nature to crawl out from under the planks and graves to walk among the normal and living. Freak flags are high on this, the most coveted of holidays for the horror-loving ilk. Normally I would have loved to go off on some interesting spooktacular tangent about a horror film or how Halloween helped to mold me into who and what I am today. But tragedy struck the shores of our east coast. Authors and film makers cannot best the kind of tragedy wrought by Mother Nature. That is horror…wondering if loved ones and friends have survived the flooding, fires, and wind. And as those on the East coast attempt to piece their lives back together, mourn those that they lost, and try to bring their communities back to life — know that we are all beside you.

Even on this day of haunts, you are in our thoughts. When the dawn of October 31st, 2012 shines down on the trash-strewn pavement; and the thought of trick or treating, carved Jack O’ Lanterns, costume parties, and horror movies is the furthest thing from your minds — know that we are all thankful you weathered that storm and are still alive to celebrate the horror you withstood.

And now, I turn to those of you in the Jackverse. Do you have a loved one on the East coast you haven’t heard from yet? If so, feel free to post the person’s name here. Hopefully, someone might recognize that name and have information on their well being and/or whereabouts. They can then pass on the word so that you can breathe again.

My heart goes out for everyone who has been struck by this tragedy. I’d like to say it’s all relative, but everyone’s relativity varies. To someone who has never experienced loss — this is true tragedy. To another, who has weathered a constant onslaught of pain and tragedy, a hurricane is nothing.

But no matter where you stand on this, I would like to wish everyone a happy Halloween. As you are enjoying the festivities, please make sure you pause a moment to think of all those people struggling to get their personal ships righted in this flooding storm. If you are unable to enjoy this wonderful holiday, take solace in the fact that you’ve survived to see the next Halloween come and go.

And for all — can I get a MUHAHA?

That’s nice.