Guest on Trouble Down South

Today I am a guest blogger on Trouble Down South. The article was inspired by a conversation I had with someone who pretty much insisted that being “self-published” didn’t really earn you the title of “author”. Needless to say, I didn’t take that very well and decided the term “self-published” was to be stricken from my vocabulary.

Here is the link to the original article. Here is a snippet of text from the article:

I dream of a time when the title “self published” will be a moniker that will draw pride and envy. But, at the moment, that is not the case. Many people still see a self-published author as a lesser species of writer. Why? Because they haven’t spent years sending out queries and/or badgering agents and the like with the hopes of finally catching that big break.

Instead, the self published (or indie author – which is a much more apropos title now) is working hard working – in other words, writing. Think about it this way: In the span of time it takes to get a single book published through a standard publication, you could have, oh, four to six books published the indie way. But that’s not the meat and bones of this article. What I want to do is challenge those that say indie authors don’t deserve the title “author” or are putting up shotty, unpolished work. I want to do that, by illustrating the process I have gone through to get the second book in my “I Zombie” trilogy (My Zombie My) near release.

I will say the release date of My Zombie My isn’t until July 2011. You can get more information about the book on my website, Get Jack’d. So the process is not complete, but what you will see below, should ease your mind about the moniker indie author.

With that said, let’s follow the process from Idea to Publication.

Please hop on over to Trouble Down South, to read it in its entirety.