Gothica update

Many of you might have noticed that Gothica has been pulled from the shelves. There is a very simple reason for this. Each of my books is going to get a fairly hard-core polishing thanks to Red Adept. My earlier works have been in serious need of this for some time now. It hasn’t been until recently that I lucked into my new editor whom I trust implicitly and will be giving each of my books a spit shine like they’ve never had.

You will also notice new covers. This, along with the re-edit, is all working toward the goal of a re-launch of my “brand”. I will be dropping the price of my first two books when they are re-launched and giving them both a serious marketing push.

I hated to pull Gothica from the shelves, but it was a necessary evil that my ego had to endure. But fear not, that dark entry into the Fringe Killer series will return shortly! In fact, I spoke with my editor yesterday who hopes to have the bulk of her notes to me on Monday. That means I can spend much of next week re-working Gothica and have it back on the shelves very soon. Until then, have patience, Jamie and Skip will always be there for you!

But when Gothic comes back (stronger and prettier than ever), you will be able to puchase it at the normal locations: