Free deliciousness: A Blade Away

What is better than a glorious spring day filled with bunnies, kittens, and Jackie Chan marathons? Oh! How did you guess? It’s a free copy of A Blade Away! Friday and Saturday (5/4/12 and 5/5/12) A Blade Away will be free for the taking on

Need more information? How’s about a little blurb action?

Prepare to meet the most twisted serial killer since Hannibal Lecter.

On the surface Lakme appears human, but deep below the the skin and meat beats a heart so damaged he has no choice but to unleash a special blend of horror upon the transgendered men of Louisville, Kentucky.

The “God of Gender” will not stop until he has brought each of his victims closer to their truest selves with the gift of transformation.

A struggling young police officer, Jamie Davenport, finds herself fighting the suspicions of a victimized population reluctant to cooperate, a police force unwilling to take the crimes seriously, and a killer that is always one step ahead.

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Don’t forget, this book is the first book in the on-going Fringe Killer series. If you enjoy it, give Gothica and Endgame a try.

And, as always, thank you so very much for being a part of my worlds. You rock on levels usually reserved for Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer, and Pangolins.