Frankenstein Theory

Ladies and gentlesouls, I have the great privilege of announcing my first book to pay homage to those great black and white monster films of a time long past. Frankenstein Theory is my take on both the Universal Monster movie, Frankenstein, and the Mary Shelley novel of the same name.

This is NOT your grandfather’s Frankenstein.

Every soul has a dark corner. Only Victor Frankenstein was brave enough to play God in its shadows.


If music be the food of life… play on.

With the help of his deceased father’s work, Victor Frankenstein develops a theory to reanimate the dead. Through the art of surgery and music, Victor creates a man capable of unmaking his life and driving the Frankenstein legacy to ruin.

The story is all too familiar. Man versus monster versus man. Sometimes, trapped in that circle of death, the truest monster is revealed.

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