Flower To You by Chad A. Clark

This next round for the Music Be The Food flash fiction event is inspired by a band that is very near and dear to my heart. You might know them from their incredible catalog of music, or you may know them from my novel, The Dark Seduction; the band is Die So Fluid and the song, “Bittersweet”, is off their upcoming album, “One Bullet From Paradise”.

Listen to this powerful song and read the first piece of fiction by Chad A. Clark.

Flower To You

You are a rose.

That’s what they say to your face, while they’re snickering on the other side of theirs. They tell you about how special and beautiful you are but as soon as you aren’t in the room, they’re toasting all of the witticisms in their juvenile lances that cut through to your very soul.

If I’m a rose, it’s only because that’s what the snake looked like after it shed its skin. I have no interest in molding to what they consider to be beautiful. I suppose it’s easier to talk to me with language they got during the applause breaks of a daytime pop-psychologist-of-the-day talk show.

I’m not broken. I just don’t point in the same direction as you. My machine isn’t malfunctioning, I just don’t make the same product. You turn left, I turn right. I want to go this way. You say the road is out, where I’m going?

I want to see that for myself.

We were all made to be what we are. They don’t understand that. The only reason why we seem different is because most everyone else is hiding behind the same one-size-fits-all body suit that they all choose to wear.

It’s not my fault you all chose to look the same.

I can’t change me. I don’t know how and I don’t really think I want to. So I’ll keep on down my road, waiting for the few people I come across who might call me a rose and actually mean it.

I am my own undisturbed beam of inspiring power and light. You will not break me but every shot you take makes you whither just a little bit more from the inside.

You probably think you’re better.

I’m the one who’s free.

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