Five obscure horror films to spook you through the weekend

October is made for horror! Books, movies, music… your CLOSET! Bwahahaha. The means to a haunted end are so plentiful, it’s often hard to know where to start. That, my lovelies and gentleghouls, is where I come in. That’s right, the Zombie King has a few recommendations that will help you get your fright on this weekend.

These are not your ordinary scares — these are films you might never have heard of. Some are lower budget, some might even contain actual A-list actors (as if that matters), but all are sure to raise the hair on your arms and stain your undies with the tiniest bit of “oh shit!”

Apartment 143: This little unknown film is a sort of paranormal “found footage” in the same vein as Paranormal Activity. What is wonderful about this film is there seems to be a sub-plot that builds making you believe there could be fakery and shenanigans going on. But wait! Could it be there’s a darker story underlying the haunted apartment scenario? As the manifestation becomes increasingly more violent, you’re just not sure what in the name of Pazuzu is going on!


Trick r’ Treat: True Blood’s Anna Paquin star in what might be one of my favorite films to show on Halloween night. This lovely gem weaves five stories together to create a fright-fest about a small town trying to survive a Halloween night of pure hell! Included in the spider’s web of story lines is a loner fending off a demented trick-or-treater’s attacks; kids uncovering a freaky secret; a school principal — who moonlights as a serial killer — poisoning his candy.

REC 2: The sequel to the film that inspired the Hollywood remake Quarantine. This time around we find out the truth about the “virus” and it ain’t pretty! It’s another “that shaking camera is making me sick” film, but it’s done very well. There are tons of jumps and frights and plenty of gore to chew and choke on. If you saw REC, you will want to see this one now!

Lovely Molly: If you’re looking for a film to really get under your skin, this is it. This is a film about one woman’s descent into depravity, thanks to some really bad memories and a nasty habit. The performance of Gretchen Lodge alone is worth spending the time with this unnerving film. Know that this film is rather slow. But even with the funereal pacing, stick with it — it’s worth every elongated moment. Just make sure you crank this baby up, as the sound scape is particularly stunning.

Pontypool: This is one of my favorite “virus take-down humanity” films — mostly because it does so in such a unique setting. The town is Pontypool, Ontario. A local Shock Jock DJ finds himself on air as the townspeople of Pontypool spend Valentines day dying of a deadly virus. This MIGHT remind you a bit of Zombie Radio.

And there you have it! Five films to get you through the weekend and ensure you spend some of it under the covers. You’ll shiver, you’ll shudder, you’ll eat way too much popcorn. In the end, a good time will be had by all!

What about you? What obscure horror films would you recommend to the Jackverse for this, the most wonderful time of the  year?