First review of Hell’s Muse is in

From Imaquolatta’s Irreverent Blog, she titles her review for Hell’s Muse “Heavenly Writing on a Hellish Subject” and goes on to say:

“The story is in several layers, a novel within a novel. The characters come at you in snapshots, mostly because this dark carnival ride moves extremely quickly. The story flies. Jack’s writing at times has the hectic frivolity of an old EC Comic, at times the darkly sensual attention to detail we might have seen in Clive Barker’s early work. And, he’s not afraid to gross you out. As the layers of reality within the work begin to melt into each other, the reader will question everything, and I assure you, this is wise. By the end of the novel, I didn’t quite know what to believe. I will not spoiler you, but I will say everything will make a kind of sense when you get there.”

Read the full review here.

This is the second time the book has been compared to the work of Clive Barkers. Color me honored and giddy! It almost leaves me speechless to be compared to the man who has been my idol for so long. 😉

Currently, the book is selling for $6.66. Get it now, before that nasty, evil price goes away. You can purchase the book in the usual locations:

Other reviewers and horror bloggers, if you’re interested in getting a review copy of the book, contact me.