First Look: My Zombie My

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so thrilled to announce the sequel to my hit, I Zombie I, has reached two milestones in the creation process. First, and foremost, the first rewrites are complete. The manuscript will fall into the hands of the beta readers very soon and will then (after any necessary rewrites) will find its way to my wonderful editor, Lynn O’Dell (Red Adept).

The second milestone makes me very happy. I completed the cover last night and want to share it with you in advance. Although the book is over a month from publication, you have to see this cover so you know what awaits your eyes and brains!

This particular cover has me very excited on a number of levels. First and foremost, the cover really speaks to the heart of the story — fear. I was also thrilled to work in what will be an on-going theme in the “I Zombie” trilogy covers — the first few paragraphs of the manuscript — into the cover.

Having the first rewrites of this book done I have to say this is my favorite novel I have completed to date. I can not wait to drop this title into the laps and ereaders of the public. I am certain this story will thrill you as much (if not more) than did I Zombie I!

Look out for My Zombie My in July 2011!