Get your fan photos in

Hello everyone in the Jackverse (And for those that aren’t sure of what “Jackverse” means: It’s anyone who dips their toes into my little world — and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part.)! I have something fun I want to start. This “fun” was born of an idea I had for next weeks Zombie Walk here in Louisville, KY.

The idea is simple: Take a picture (or have a picture taken by a friend) of you holding one of my books (It could be any of my books.) I’d really love to see fans with pics of my books dressed as their favorite characters from one of the series (Shero would be FABULOUS!). Take the picture, send it to me, and I will post it on a special picture block on the front page of this site!

If you are too shy to have the picture done in costume — just send in a glorious shot of you and your lovely, smiling face holding one (or more) of my books.

I want my readers and fans to know how important you are to me — after all, without you I have no reason to do what I do. You help to make the worlds of my books and I want you to be able to make yourself known to the rest of the Jackverse!

And to finish off the thought about the Zombie Walk (more information for that event HERE), I plan onĀ  attending (dressed as a zombie of course), taking the ol’ GoPro and one or more of my books to the walk, and filming myself marching (along with the greatest step-daughter of all time). It should be a nom-tastic good time. I’ll post the video up here when I get it edited and fabulous!

Until then, get those fan pics coming in peeps!