Fabulous Friday: Zooey Deschanel

I will begin this by first apologizing to all of my gloriously wonderful gay friends out there. It’s understandable that an entire community would refuse to accept a woman who dare take on a Dorothy like role as did Zooey Deschanel did in The Tin Man. That being said, I have to say, I can’t continue on without handing out a Fabulous Friday to the younger of the two Deschanel sisters.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Jackverse — I give you what might well be the quirkiest female Hollywood has ever dared bet on. Zooey Deschanel. Zooey is a young actor, singer, musician, and purveyor of all things cute and odd. And although not everyone has a taste for such quirk, it cannot be denied that girls’ got somethin’ — some sort of  Je ne sais what? about her that begs your attention.

As I mentioned, she is the younger of two sisters — both actors. Her older (and just as fetching) sister is Emily Deschanel of TV’s Bones fame. Both women have one issue many have trouble getting beyond — their voice. Each talented performer has this pseudo Kathleen Turner twist in their voices which puts people on edge. The Deschanel voice is like coffee — an aquired taste. But once you acquire that taste — it is all fabulous all day.

And Zooey takes fabulous by the balls, whips it above her head, and issues a strange laugh you can’t help but smile at the hearing.

Come on — yes, even my darling gay friends — look at that picture and try, just try, not to let out an “Awwwwww!” You can’t do it, can you? ZD is too damned fabulous. The girl is adorkable!

Still doubting me? Really? I’m shocked and don’t know what to say.

Yeah…right. If there’s one thing you’ve probably learned about me it’s that I always have something to say — no matter how hard you doubt my choice of fabulousness. But…I do have a secret weapon here for my friend Zooey. That secret weapon? How’s about this preview for her new show “The New Girl”? Watch it and just try to not feel the fury of fab streaming from your screen. Open wide and say “Awwwww!”

I realize that everyone has different tastes. Some like ’em Megan Fox sexy (cough, cough, can you say tries to hard?), some like ’em Ingrid Bergman classy (cough, cough, can you say mot beautiful woman to ever live?). Me, I likes ’em simply adorkable. Give me cute and dorky any day and that’s where Zooey Deschanel comes in.

What do you think? Yeah, you — gay man in the back with the “Dorothy Forever” baby doll tee on! Is my dear BFF Zooey Deschanel worthy of Fabulous Friday? Oh wait, it’s too late, she’s already here!

PS: Zooey is not really my dearest BFF. I made that up to lead you on a bit. Did it work? Really? Fabulous!

Speaking of Fabulous, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fabulous two books I am currently reading that you must download and begin now! Those books are the glorious Kissed by Fire, by the queen of awesome herself Shea MacLeod and The Temple by the betwitching Heather Marie Adkins.