Fabulous Friday: Zombie Gifts

Oh I do love a good zombie gift. Zifts (as they might be called) are special to give because they say you know the person well enough to hand over some brain-munching fun! And Zifts range from the whimsical to the absolutely CRAZY! I wanted to share with you some of my new favorite zombie gifts (again, I say, Zifts) so you can brighten up the day of your undead-loving mother, father, sister, brother, lover, cousin, bestie.


Cabbage Patch Zombie

There are two reasons why this is currently my favorite zombie gift. First and foremost it’s autographed by the singer of one of my new fav bands. The singer is Maria Brink and the band is In This Moment. They rock so hard, science doesn’t yet have the means to¬†calculate their level of rock (WAY beyond 11, by the way). Second — it’s a frakking Cabbage Patch Kid that’s been painfully amplified into a zombie. You have to love this and yes, Cabbage Patch Kids WERE harmed in the making of these toys. I have so much Mechanical Love for this it makes me want to dive down a Rabbit Hole and stare at the World In Flames!

Garden Zombie

Seriously, who doesn’t want a zombie pulling itself up from the dark abyss below your precious petunias, cabbages, tomatoes, and sunflowers. All that death crawling up from your garden of delights surely won’t effect the flavor of your turnips and beets — right? NOM!

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Who doesn’t love cookies? Even better — who doesn’t love cookies when eaten from the rotting brain-pan of a zombie? Just make sure, when you reach for that delicious cookie treat, that bastard doesn’t nom your reaching hand and infect you! This might also be the perfect deterrent to keep your kids from eating all the good snax!

Blood Stained Zombie Stockings

Oh my! How could the King of Blood and Glitter resist a good pair of blood-stained stockings? He can’t, that’s how! These are delicious and are a must have for anyone wanting to dress as a smexy zombie on that zombie walk, for Halloween, or for some good ol’ fashion zombie roll playing in the boudoir! NOMALICIOUS!

Iron Fist Zombie Stomper

Oh my! I mean, seriously… OH. MY. Are these just simply too yummy or what? Imagine perfectly polished toes (please polish with either a gangrenous green or blood red) sticking out of the mouth of these babies! These are must haves for any lover of smexy and zombies — all slammed together in a package you will not be capable of resisting. Just remember, these are open-toed shoes, so Shero says you may NOT wear hose with them unless those hose are toe-less. You’ve been warned.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

If you can manage to get your hands on a working SNES system, you MUST have this game. Zombies Ate My Neighbors is one of the most charming, fun games you will ever play. It’s zombies! It’s kids with squirt guns and knives! Cheerleaders on trampolines, old women with walkers. What more do you want? Oh, there’s like a bajillion levels to this game.

Iron Fist Zombie Chomper Underwear Set

Okay, after seeing these, I need to sit down (or have a cold shower). Nothing is sexier than having a zombie eyes on your breasts and a rotten zombie maw on your hoohaa! CHOMP and NOM! You’ll be lucky to find these in stock ANYWHERE, unless you’re an XS in size.

Zombie Response Team Decal

Are you a member? Why not? You should be! The Zombie Response Team is doing everything they can to ensure your survival of the apocalypse. And, rumor has it, they are teaming up with Bethany Nitshimi on a new initiative.

Annnnnd of course…

What zombie collection is complete without the I Zombie series? If you want the only zombie fiction written by the one and only Zombie King, those are the books to have.

I hope you’ve found a nommlicious gift for your zombie lover! If you’ve come across something not listed here, let us all know in the comments so we can go zombie shopping with you!