Fabulous Friday: I Zombie I — the drawing

No, I’m not giving away my soul to the first person to comment on this post (although The Eclective is giving away a free Kindle Fire — click here for more). Nor am I holding a drawing for a pair of my signed panties! Ewww! What I wanted to do was share a drawing someone special did of a scene from I Zombie I.

This image was sent to me by a very special reader — a new found fan. The image depicts the scene where Jacob finally finds Susan and the two narrowly escape the Marriot Hotel.

Here you see Susan spotting the corpse of the policeman which Jacobs plunders to find a gun.

Besides just how frakking fabulous this drawing is, and how wonderful receiving it made me feel, I takes me back to when I was writing I Zombie I and how magical it felt to be creating that world.

But beyond my fond memories of I Zombie I, I can’t tell you how incredible it is to hear from my readers and fans. So much so, I would LOVE to be able to share more fan art just like the one recently sent to me. Whatever you want, draw it up and (so long as it’s appropriate) I’ll highlight it here.

In fact, I would like to see all sorts of fan “art”. If you think you look like the perfect “face” for one of the characters, send me your picture and I’ll post it. I love to see those sorts of things. But don’t limit yourself to I Zombie I. If you think you have a piece of art you’d like to pass on to Shero, send it my way and I’ll make sure he sees it. Or…even better…if you think you look like Shero, send me your pic and I’ll post it (again, remembering Shero is all about some class.)

Be a part of my world just as I hope I am a part of yours. Send your artwork in to me and let me know what it means to you or what it should mean to me. As as you ponder just what you’d like to send in, let me share with you a video my dear friend (and soon to be director of the I Zombie series of movies), Mr. Rob Zombie, did. The song is “I Zombie”. Apropos isn’t it?

(And before you ask — Rob Zombie is not my friend nor has he said he would direct the films. YET! BWAHAHAHAHA! <insert master plan>)