Fabulous Friday: George Takei

I grew up with Star Trek, The Original Series (or ST:TOS). I can’t tell you how fond my memories are of that show. Well, actually I can — but that would do little more than bore you. Okay, not really. After all, we all have our own little Star Trek stories right? Right? Oh wait, this isn’t about me… it’s about one of the single most fabulous men on the planet — George Takei.

Sulu. Ensign Hikaru Sulu of the Star Ship Enterprise. Tell me you can’t say that name and smile. It’s like saying Captain James T. Kirk without pausing a little more than necessary (with a nod to the DJ on Zombie Radio). Sulu was one of those characters that was the Asian face that launched a thousand careers — and he did so with a genuine charm and love that everyone couldn’t help but fall for.

But then, some really, truly miraculous happened. Somewhere around Star Date -318747.94 (that’s somewhere in January, 2005) Mr. Takei starred on an episode of the hilarity known as Will & Grace as himself. Just before that airing, Mr. Takei had officially come out on in an issue of Frontiers Magazine. At that time, being gay was still (shockingly enough) thought of as a choice and wrong. Well, thankfully the world has started to open their eyes and can see the error of their ways. Mr. George Takei has been a large part of that…and that is just part of the reason why he is so frakking fabulous.

Not only does Takei serve as the Human Rights Campaign “Coming Out Project“, he also has won several awards for his work on human rights and Japanese/American relations.

George Takei is the embodiment of humanity. One of those rare celebrities that channels their fame into something good, without self-serving reason. I am certain that “Takei” was translated from the Vulcan saying “The needs of the many outway the needs of the few”. I could be wrong, but I’m fairly certain that email from Commander Worf was accurate.

Too much nerdage? Yeah, I thought so.

Back to “Takei”.

There are so many people on the planet that try, but few really do and do as fabulously as Takei. With love, humor, a charm few can match, George Takei brings us all together: Gay, straight, black, white, Japanese, American, Star Trek, Star Wars — and he means it. Seriously! If we don’t all start doing some serious getting along, we will get “Takei’d”. Can you handle that much fabulousness?

I know most of the words I speak are done so with my tongue deeply embedded in my cheek, but in all seriousness, truth, and with a level of respect few truly deserve, I tip my hat and lift my skirt (only to courtesy, you dirty minded gits!) to the most “Takei” man on the planet Earth. George Takei.

The world doesn’t need more “cowbell”. The world needs more “Takei”.

And less Twilight…according to the man himself!

I’m Shero, and I approve George Takei.