Fabulous Friday: Fab Five Celebrities

This is a very special Fabulous Friday post, because I wanted to introduce to the world my fab five. These will be a short lists of related things I consider fabulous. Is that not fabtastic? Of course it is!

To introduce this post, I want to start off with my Fab Five Celebrities. Don’t expect the usual list of fashionistas or ab/tit tastic fameboys and girls. This list is truly fabulous and… wait for it… Shero approved. So, without further “shoo”, I give you my Fab Five Celebs.

I want to preface this by saying you will not find your standard red-carpet fare here. For my tastes, you have to dig beyond the vapidity of the average to find the real jewels. Here they are.

Eddie Izzard

Eddie is my Fab Five ringleader. Why? Well, not only is he a charming actor and an absolutely brilliant comedian, he is also a known transvestite — an Action Transvestite, as it were. And Eddie certainly does pull it off. Not only does he dress as fabulously as any man in a skirt, he makes it look damn sexy. But truthfully, Eddies fabtastic-ness comes from his brilliant comedy. If you can watch his take on Englebert Humperdink coming up with his name and not laugh until you cry — there is something seriously wrong with you.

Cake or death? Mr. Izzard, I’ll have cake thank you very much. And I will don my favorite skirt and heels and have it with you! Ciao!

George Takkei

I know, I know… the great Takkei has already graced Get Jack’d once before. But when I think of anything fabulous, his name almost immediately bubbles up to the top. How could he not? Not only was Takkei Mr. Sulu on Star Trek (thereby gaining extra fab points for working with His Shatnerness), but he’s an ambassador for for fairness, equality, and some serious glitter-fied fantastic. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe Elton John’s album Captain Fantastic was really all about Takkei.

Wanda Sykes

Is there a female comedian more fabulous than Ms. Sykes? I don’t think so. So fabulous is Wanda that she can go toe-to-toe with Larry David. In April 2009 she was listed in Out Magazines Annual power 50 list. Yes, that Out magazine. In other words, Wonderful Wanda plays for the team du fab — that’s right, Wanda is gay and the world is a better place for it! If I’m totally truthful, where I like Wanda the most is sitting next to Bill Maher on Real Time With Bill Maher. But that doesn’t mean I won’t pish posh her stand up. The woman is mad funny.

Ellen Degeneres

At one time, Ellen Degeneres dated the single hottest lesbian on the planet — Portia Derossi. That should be enough to get her on this list — but of course it’s not really. What gets Ellen on this list is simple, fabulous charm. The woman owns charming. And although being a “judge” on American Idol comes close to bumping her off the list du fab, that wonderful smile nudges her back on. But seriously, Ellen is that one celebrity that gets by on her wonderful personality, is about as unassuming as she can be, and doesn’t assert herself on anyone or anything. Ellen just is and her “just” is fabulous. And I will forgive her the Anne Heche period and the fact that she’s a Saints and Packers fan.

I kid! I kid the cheeseheads!

Clive Barker

I cannot possibly have a Fab Five celebrity list without my idol Clive Barker. Clive Barker wrote the one book that kicked my junk hard enough to make me interested in both reading and writing (that book is Imajica — read it, it’s fabulous). Clive also wrote and directed one of the greatest horror films of all time — Hellraiser. Clive is a truly brilliant writer who’s words are as much poetry as they are prose. He’s disturbing imagery is both elegant and twisted. He’s also one of the few openly gay horror writers. Some day I hope to be compared to this man. If you read anything by Clive, make sure it’s Imajica. Follow that with The Books of Blood and The Hellbound Heart. You’ll understand why I love the man so.

And there you have it. My Fab Five Celebrities. What do you think? I’ll leave you with this: