Eric A. Shelman on Middletown Apocalypse

ericWhen I was invited to participate in Middletown Apocalypse, orchestrated by Jack Wallen, I was excited. The idea was fresh in the zombie world … as fresh as a heart-attack victim tightrope-walker toppling into a canyon rife with walking dead rotters. Our mission was simple: Write a zombie apocalypse story beginning at Middletown University in Middletown, Indiana and ending at another location. The guilty party who helped the virus spread? Charlie Noble, chemistry student.

There were no other rules; no mandates regarding the type of zombie, the characters other than Noble, and the situations that take place between points A and Z. Imagine giving ANY writers that much wiggle room to use the same basic premise to create a story. Now present that situation to Jack Wallen, Mark Tufo, John O’Brien, Shawn Chesser, Joe McKinney, Brent Abell, Mike Evans, Heath Stallcup, Jay Wilburn, Eric A. Shelman and Armand Rosamilia! Now whatcha gonna get?

I’ll tell you … you’re gonna get eleven stories that represent the individual creativity of each author. Other than the starting and ending points, you’re never going to feel as though you’re reading the same story again and again. There’s story number one, and following that are essentially TEN REBOOTS. Ten chances to begin again with a new author and a whole new cast of characters … except poor, dumped-on Charlie. That dude gets kicked around more than even I know.

So I can tell you that we, as the authors, are really going to want to know which stories pushed your buttons, and which authors you’re gonna want to read more of, so please – write reviews. There’s obviously one major reason we’d all get involved – other than the cool-ass concept; it’s to give the readers of these other authors a chance to try out our stuff to see if they’d like more! I personally hope you come away with a plethora of new authors to try – and of course … me. Thanks for reading! Now prepare to dig into Middletown Apocalypse on October 31, 2015! It will prove to be a spooktacular day … and night.

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