Equal rights equals equal rights!

I was chatting with my step daughter when she asked me a simple question: “Why do Americans all look so different, when other races tend to look similar?” The answer was simple — we are mutts. Americans have bred with so many different races that we have become a veritable smorgasbord of flavor. This country was once called The Great American Melting Pot. Why? Because we welcomed everyone a home away from tyranny and oppression. We gave everyone the right to be treated as an equal and fellow human being.

So why does that end with, of all things, marriage? What is it about marriage that makes it so untouchable? After decades of American citizens abusing the institution, with the divorce rate above fifty percent — why are we still having to fight for the right for same sex couples to enjoy the legal and loving bonds of matrimony?

I don’t get it. Rapists and murderers can marry. A man can abuse his wife, divorce, and marry another wife to beat and berate. A woman can marry and near-death millionaire (for obvious reasons), take his estate when he dies, and move on to the next dying rich man. Reality TV can wife swap, Bachelor an Bachelorette — to make a complete mockery out of marriage.

Yet two men or two women cannot marry.

Where is the diconnect?

First and foremost, we’re leaving religion out of this equation. Why? Religion is a preference — just like sexuality — and every American citizen has the right to practice whatever religion they like. I would have to wonder how the people that are against same sex marriage would act if they were only allowed to practice a state-mandated religion. That wouldn’t go over well, would it? Why? Because it is their right to practice whatever religion they choose.


A bit of a sticky wicket that. One side of the coin demands (and is awarded) their rights, yet the other side is not. That is not equal. And to that, I would ask this question — Why does religion get preferential treatment? It seems that’s the case on nearly every level.

This whole issue is so counter to what America is all about. Even the most country-at-heart will tell you that America is about freedom. Damn right it is. Oh wait…no, it’s only about freedom if it is in line with blue-collar, church-going freedoms.

Here’s what I say — if you are opposed to equal rights for marriage, then you need to prove to me why YOU should have the right to be married. In fact, you should have to prove to me you have what it TAKES to be married. Are you not going to beat, cheat, or lie to your wife? Commit rape, murder, or a host of other nasty crimes… you get your right to marry revoked.

Fair is fair, after all. Right?

This whole issue makes me angry. We’re talking about marriage — love. I know gay couples that have been together for decades and  are more devoted to one another than 99% of the “traditional” couples I know. Many of those traditional couples won’t make it. Let that same-sex couple marry — and they probably have a better chance of lasting. Why? Because they’ve had to fight for their love and their rights. Marriage isn’t something they take for granted and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they can get out of, should they find themselves bored.

I’m generalizing, I know. But I do so to make a point.

Let’s just get over ourselves and this whole idea that same sex marriages will ruin the sanctity of the institution. Traditional couples have already taken care of that. What’s left to ruin?

It’s time to ask yourselves WWJD. And just what would he do? He’d open his arms and be the first to officiate. Why? Because love is what Jesus would do.

My name is Jack Wallen, and I happily and wholeheartedly support same-sex marriage.