Endgame is now on sale!

A game of death. A battle for life.

The slaughter of the innocent is at hand and a dreadful game that began during The Depression, has come to claim new victims. Death has found a new dealer and the game a new ferocity. Detectives Jamie Davenport and Skip Abrahms find themselves in a race to stop another Fringe Killer.

In this third entry to the Fringe Killer series, Jamie must face down forces of evil that threaten to rob her of her partner, her love, and her sanity.

That’s right — the book that was nearly five years in the making is finally on sale.

Five years. And it was worth it. This book was not only therapeutic to me, it also allowed me to deal with a few of my own demons in the writing. One demon was the exploration and acceptance of my passion for horror — and how that has influenced all of my writing. A book that started out as one of my typical Fringe Killer novels wound up taking me, Jamie, and Skip down a very different path. But the path we all experienced was a necessary catharsis, which will lead all of us into a very dark and interesting future.

I’m being cryptic on purpose. Why? Because I have new and interesting plans for the Fringe Killer series. Let’s just say the next time we see Jamie and Skip they won’t be working with the Louisville Metro Police Department — it’s all going to get a little crazy and a lot weird from this point forward.

I hope you enjoy reading Endgame as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know what you think. You are some the greatest fans out there!

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