Die Zombie Die (I Zombie, book 3)

Like any zombie fan, I’ve seen the undead depicted in a few different ways but never have I seen an author do with them what Jack Wallen has. He has taken the traditional zombie to the next level and far beyond anything you could imagine.

The third book in the I Zombie series has arrived. The Zero Day Collective holds Bethany Nitshimi prisoner and is closing in on the final phase of the Great Cleansing. But chaos cannot be contained.

As a rogue biologist works from within to bring down the ZDC, commander Sam Leamy and his small army of misfits plot to storm the gates of the Collective’s Headquarters.

Caught between zombies, the ZDC, and a mysterious new syndicate, Leamy is in a race against the clock to rescue the one woman who could save the planet from complete chaos.

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