Dexter: A serial killer searching for faith

The latest season of Dexter fired itself up last night and I thought it fitting, since we are now officially in the haunting season, to start my Halloween Haunts reviews with episode one of Dexter, season six.

There is one big question on weighing our favorite serial killer’s mind — faith. On the surface this might seem a bit strange coming from a man who rids Miami of its dirtier truths. But when you dig in a little deeper, it makes perfect sense. And although we’ve only begun this hayride, where it is going promises a creep factor exponentially higher than previous seasons.

Let’s take a look (without offering up any spoilers):

  • When prompted by a nun, Dexter informs her heĀ believesĀ in “nothing”. When prodded by his sister, Deb, Dexter almost back peddles and say he believes in a set of rules that keep him out of trouble.
  • A new “meta-killer” complete with snakes, dark religious dogma, and a young apprentice.
  • Angel is now twice divorced and his sister is now Dexter’s babysitter.
  • Angel’s now ex-wife is in charge and already displaying her willingness to play dirty pool.
  • One particular detective (the same man who tried to frame Dexter last season) is in for a world of hurt when he tries to propose to someone.
  • Matsuka is bringing in a hot little intern to corrupt with his naughty, naughty mind.
  • Dexter is back to enjoying the kill.

Last season could have easily fallen off the tracks. Thankfully some fine acting and the tease of a darkly spun relationship saved it. But Dexter wasn’t Dexter. Dexter was a killer without his true purpose and joy. That has all been tossed into the grinder and pulped in what seems to be a revived lust for the kill. In the preview episode we got to see Dexter venture outside his comfort kill zone and get a bit creative with his craft.

That opening scene alone did bode well for fans of the show. This season should be a roller coaster of Dexter in a desperate search for some flavor of faith, a wicked-evil “big bad”, and the usual spiraling chaos surrounding one of the more charming serial killers to ever grace the screen.

I’ve enjoyed every season of Dexter, but none of them have started out with the promise of an darker-than-thou season as did season six. And kicking it all off in October is a perfect tribute to everyone who craves a little more fright in their lives than the average zombie.

The big question for the season though — Where will Dexter’s search for faith lead him? I’m fairly confident it won’t lead him to a confessional.