How do you deal with madness?

The world is losing its collective mind. Every day you see something worse and worse happening around us. Someone claiming to be an “adult” and a “parent” leaves a baby or animal locked in a car when the temperature is in the triple digits. Those claiming to have brains somewhere trapped inside their skulls are taking drugs that cause them to want to eat their fellow man (and not in the good way!) Politicians are lying, CEOs are making 600% more than what we are making, cats and dogs are STILL not living together (why did you TEASE us Bill Murray?)!

So with all of this going on around us, how do we deal with it? How in the name of Geddy Lee do shore up our sanity and continue on…

We make light of the situation. We bring in the best defender of madness — humor. We turn the finger of yuck in on ourselves and we say “Hey idiots, we’re ruining this perfectly good situation! Let’s stop being dumbass douchebags and brain-up!

Where did all of this come from? Well, I came across this little lovely product on the interstuffs and LOLs until I WTFd and OMGd my way into my favorite bedazzled straight jacket. That product?

REAL ZOMBIE BATH SALTS! That’s right ladies and gentlegiants, you can now pour these green salt crystals into your bath water and enjoy an luxurious bath that could relax the undead.

Bath From The Dead: Our products are guaranteed to provide you with ultimate relaxation after a busy day out eating brains.

Seriously… why spend your hard earned scratch on a product that will most likely have you hulking out in your sunday best and chomping on your dearly beloved. Instead, do your best zombie dance into the bathroom and soak up the undead lovin’.

Or, you could stop by TShirt Laundry and pick out one of these Zombie Tees!

Or you could head over to LOLZOMBIE and get a few mindless chuckles. But dare I send you to one of my favorite places for mindless yucks? Check out My Cat is a Dick (caution, you might laugh until you hurt or get a little sick — lots of cat yackins)!

One way or another, the madness of the day will do its best to choke the rage and hatred from your soul and have it spill out on humanity. It’s our job to do everything we can to not let that ugly mess of a reality get the best of us.

Live, laugh, and learn — the three “Ls” of surviving the apocalypse — or the upcoming presidential election (which ever comes first).