Dark Poetry: Lullabies for the Damned

Have you ever had those moments where the lights are on, but everything is as dark as pitch?  If you know of which I speak, then these lullabies for the damned should ring a bell so true you might wonder if you can trust yourself with the lights out. Come into my vicious parlor and see if you can escape the snapping of your own sanity.

Star light star bright
will I take my life tonight?
will I end this game I play
and stop this pain I feel today?

Twinkle twinkle little knife
through my wrist and take my life
bleed the blood and drain the heart
that broke the day that we did part

Mary had a little blade
who’s steel was sharp and fine
and every time that Mary sliced
the blood would pour like wine

Hickory dickory dock
the pistol I did cock
one bullet through the eye
to silence my cry
and my heart would finally stop

Humpty dumpty jumped off a cliff
smashed his face and died in a whiff
all the king’s women and all the king’s men
laughed at humpty once again

Hey diddle diddle
I slashed up my middle
and jump off the top floor
I fell to my death
and expelled my last breath
as I wept to breathe once more