Cry Zombie Cry Update

Ladies and gentlemonsters of the Jackverse — it’s time for yet another update on the status of Cry Zombie Cry. What is turning out to be one of the most epic chapters in the I Zombie series is spilling out of my brain and onto my computer. There is a big “but”.

Why do my friends always have big butts?

The plan was to release the novel late fall 2013. That, my dears, has once again changed.

As you all know, there is some seriously special magic brewing for this episode of the I Zombie series. Not only will the band UNSUN appear in the book, they will also be recording an album with lyrics by yours truly. This album will include songs like:

  • Cry Zombie Cry
  • Pretty Mess
  • And So It Ends
  • Beautiful Lie

…and more. The singer of the band, Aya, is still working through physical therapy on her voice, but there’s much improvement. Their hopes is to go into the recording studio very soon and start hammering out the songs.

The end goal game for Cry Zombie Cry is to do a simultaneous release — including a special edition purchase that gets you both the book and the album! How much does that rock? That’s like being spit on by a member of GWAR!

I kid, I kid.

Pyschobilly in action.

But now comes the epic dosage of kick ass that I get to drop on you. My plan is to finish the first draft of Cry Zombie Cry by mid-October and send that book off to editorial. While that book is being edited, I am going to start a spin-off of the I Zombie series. The working title of this series is “The Psychozombie Series” (I’m sure a better title will reveal itself to me as I dig into the work). Imagine, if you will, that pyschobilly rock had a bastard love child with zombie apocalypse fiction. That is what the new series will be…zombie stomping, kick ass, awesomeness with a pompadour and a stand up bass.

I am currently attempting to get a yet another band on board for this series. I don’t want to release the name of the band until everything is agreed upon. If, this goes south, I will opt to create a fictitious psychobilly band that will rock so many socks, the world will wind up with a sock shortage!

Worry not, Jackverse, I will deliver plenty of undead goodness to you as quickly as my melty brain can create it and my editorial staff can perfect it. In the end, we’ll all rock this undead town tonight…and every night after!