Clap for Kiss & Hell

I currently have a Thunderclap campaign going on for the upcoming release of The Last Casket: Kiss & Hell. You already know what Kiss & Hell is; do you know what a Thunderclap campaign is? Let me explain. Thunderclap is a site dedicated to helping people launch social campaigns for things like book releases. How does this bit of electronic magic work? Let me explain:

  1. I create a Thunderclap campaign for the likes of my Kiss & Hell release
  2. I share my campaign out with everyone to support it via Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr
  3. Friends and peers go to the campaign and support it by clicking either the Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr button
  4. When the campaign deadline arrives, if I’ve managed to garner 100 or more supporting clicks, my campaign is launched

What happens when the campaign is launched? Everyone that clicked a button to support the campaign will then see the message go live on their supporting social account. Effectively, on the day my campaign launches, there’ll be a microscopic flood of social support for the launch of my book (microscopic in the grand scheme of things).

With that said, won’t you support my Thunderclap campaign for Kiss & Hell? It costs you nothing but a couple of clicks.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

With much love and noms,