I Choose The Flood by Chad A. Clark

The Music Be The Food flash fiction event continues with round three. This time, the song is one of my all-time favorites, from prog metal master, Devin Townsend, called Kingdom. Give a listen to the tune and then read the first flash fiction piece, by Chad A. Clark.

I Choose The Flood

Stay with me.

I can hear the walls. Groaning from the pressure of the water building up. The town been flooding all morning. Last time I looked out my window, I could still see some daylight. Now it’s just murky darkness.
I’m fine.
This was my decision. I had my chances but I know who I am and what I deserve. This is where I belong. For what I’ve done. Better I stay here than wait for everyone out there to find out who I really am. I know that this is taking me down a better road.
I know the way.
A crack just formed, starting at the floor. It shot up to the ceiling and now there’s another one. It’s like being on the inside of an egg. The water seeks entry. The water seeks me. Maybe this essential cleansing of this husk of my body was the real purpose for this flood in the first place. Not much time now.
My room is waiting for me.
Hell is here.
Water seeping in. Spreading across the floor. My feet and knees are wet and the water level is already rising. I hear cracking now, wood snapping from the pressure. It’s all coming for me. Almost done now.
I’m almost done.
Just keep me company. I’ve had you since the day Mom bought you for me at that roadside souvenir stand. You’re the only thing I have left from my past. The only thing I can clutch to now. You’ve never been just a keychain to me. You’re the last connection I have to the mother I lost before I really knew her. And now, in my final moments, I need you more than ever.
Stay with me.