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A Reaper’s job is never done! The Scythe has been eradicated. Now it’s time for Grim and company to enjoy much-needed rest, pizza, and romance. Thing is, Death has darker plans and deep-seated secrets to reveal. With the help of a bookstore dedicated to all things occult, Grim uncovers a […]

For Whom The Reap Tolls

Previously on The Reapers… The deadly Scythe named Jons has taken Judgment from its realm, to lick its wounds and create a universal imbalance. To what end, even the Eternals are unclear. Fate demands Grim and his gang return Judgement to the EtherRealm and destroy the Scythe for good. Judgment […]

To Kill A Reaper

You’re listening to… A pirate radio station has commandeered Zombie Radio and sends the DJ and his cohorts out in the apocalyptic landscape to track down and silence the disembodied voice. When the gang finally locates Radio Chaos, what they discover could completely title the tide of war in favor […]

Zombie Radio 3: Radio Chaos

The third book in The Nameless Saga has finally arrived! In the beginning was The Word. And The Word was a lie. Now The Lie is unmade. The Nameless is back. The Muse is gone. The Engineer is pissed. And Satan himself has returned to Hell. With the unholy triumvirate […]

Dark Side Down

Welcome to the Omnibus collection of Jack Wallen’s I Zombie series. For the first time every book in the series (including spinoffs) has been collected in on edition. Fourteen brain nomming books that span the entire I Zombie I Universe! I Zombie I My Zombie My Die Zombie Die Lie […]

I Zombie I: The Omnibus Edition

I am so thrilled to finally be able to share with everyone the cover and description of my first book with Devil Dog Press! The title is A Tale of Two Reapers. The job of reaping is a lonely one. Why? There has only ever been one Reaper. Grim has […]

A Tale of Two Reapers

Going once. Going twice. Sold to the highest bidder. Chaos has spread its deadly fingers deep into the fabric of humanity and Bethany Nitshimi must keep company with enemies to restore order. As control unravels, the undead evolve and the one thing standing in the way of survival is a […]

Buy Zombie Buy

This government asset is so rogue, it’s punk!Oi! Anarchy. Chaos. Punk rock. The NSA fights to keep such things at bay…until they run out of options. That’s exactly what has happened in their failed attempt to take down one of the most elusive drug lords on the planet. When government […]

Punk Ass Punk

The apocalypse is upon us and there’s only one route to survival — I Zombie! If you’ve not read the series, then you are meat for the beasts. Never fear, the entire I Zombie trilogy is now entombed in one volume, easy enough to carry with you as you run […]

I Zombie The Collection: Vol 1

Garbage in. Garbage out. In a world ruled by Big Data and Big Pharma, society’s only hope falls into the hands of neophyte data jockeys known as Somnambulous. While the human race was jacking in and sucking down a few ones and zeros to ride the Lament, Somnambulous discovered something […]


Death is not the end of love. The world of stand up comedy was too much for Foster Donovan. Leaving a note behind for his wife, he wrapped a noose around his neck…and changed his life by embracing death. Turns out, the after life was nothing like he’d expected. Stations […]

Suicide Station

  Kiss & Hell did what any respectable sequel should do, it out shined its predecessor. It kicks off with a shocking event that changes everything for Kitty and friends and that kind of sets the tone for the book as darker. This story provided multiple conflicts and delivered stomach […]

Kiss & Hell

The apocalypse is once again upon us and there’s only one route to survival — I Zombie! If you’ve not read the series, then you are meat for the beasts. Never fear, the second three books in the I Zombie series has now been entombed in one volume, easy enough […]

I Zombie: The Collection Vol 2

   The teens will capture your hearts and have you laughing and yelling out loud, as you follow them through their journey. You will fall in love with Mikko, Jinga and the others that fight for their own lives while they stay true to their hearts during this apocalyptic time. […]

Teenage Wasteland