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The Neon Cross ER is firing on all cylinders, even with Vega’s team working shoulder to shoulder, and appetite to appetite, with cannibals. It seems nothing short of starvation can trip them up. Famous last words. Along comes a new madman, with a penchant for all things sixteenth century, who’s […]


The magic of Midsummer is here and the FaeRealm is preparing for the wedding of the century. Grim and the lovely Xtine are about to exchange vows when their special day is stolen in a flash of black lightning. With their event on pause, the Reapers set out to save […]

A Midsummer Night’s Reap

During its heyday, the Brookhaven Asylum suffered a steady stream of Tuberculosis deaths, horrible passings, gruesome to witness. This refuge for those dying souls became the perfect environment for spirits to congregate. Some deceased strive to serve a higher purpose; some simply want to exist in peace. But not all […]

The Ghosts of Brookhaven

Sometimes it’s best to make a deal with the devil you know. Vega and his team at the Pearly Gates Hospital have found themselves in the middle of a war between cannibal factions. On one hand, is Emanuel, just your average business-class flesh-eater with a contract always at the ready. […]


The doors to the Pearly Gates are open and the OR is humming. Outside, the cannibals are hungry and they’ll do anything to feast on the human buffet within. Vega and his team of survivors do everything they can to keep the hospital up and running, but the world’s falling […]


Worldwide famine has spawned a voracious evil. Cannibals are running rampant, devouring anything, and anyone they can catch. The sick and wounded are easy prey with nowhere to turn. Enter Vega, a renowned trauma surgeon bent on saving Humanity, who opens a hospital dubbed The Pearly Gates. With his ex-wife […]


Cover by Jack Wallen
Wil Jackson’s dream is about to come true. Broadway. Playing the Emcee in “Cabaret”. Willkommen to the world of professional theater, where the blinding lights of the stage transcend time and give life new meaning. When the soul-healing joy of creation breaks the bonds of reality, nothing is what it […]

Defying Gravity

Harker.Murray.Van Helsing.Renfield. The entire cast of characters from Bram Stoker’s famous tale is back, but with a greedy twist of human nature. Johnathan Harker is madly in love with Mina Murray and will do anything to have her hand in marriage, even at the expense of his soul. The Baron […]

Dracula Theory