The Case for Rebecca Besser

NOTE: This originally posted on the website of–you guessed it–Jay Wilburn!

by Jay Wilburn

Rebecca Besser is a well-established zombie and horror author. She has made an impression in the industry and has an agent working hard to get her work in front of more eyes like it deserves. Besser recently made a splash with Nurse Blood where she explores a horror scenario around transplants, body horror, and medical horror. It is a solid read and we look forward to seeing where she goes with that storyline. Check out a teaser here.


Besser has always found interesting ways to utilize zombies in her storytelling both in short and long fiction. Her collection Zombies Inside is a great example of her short work. Often, her stories follow some unusual paths and the zombies take on a secondary role to other aspects of the story and the worlds she creates.

With the newly launched Re-Civilize series, she has taken on the zombie genre in a more bold and direct way. Each book in that series will follow a different character along the storyline of the world they all exist within. The stories will explore where they were when the zombie apocalypse happened and how they moved toward the new, civilized world they are collectively trying to recreate. The characters will include diversity of perspective, background, beliefs, age, gender, etc. These will all play a role in what drives each featured character. Begin this great series with Re-Civilize Book 1: Chad. The series will have at least five books in the first run of stories planned so far, but she sees potential to continue the series well beyond that. After reading the first book, I for one certainly hope so.

With each work in progress she takes on with her writing, Besser tries to stretch herself and her style. She has recently explored storylines that fall into the thriller genre though she is maintaining a strong presence in the zombie genre still. Horror often draws her back and with the quality of the work she puts out for horror fans, I am sure she will keep that up. She lets her creative attention guide her into the next thing that must be written.

Besser’s career has been marked by stories that push social taboos and this may speak to the subjects she thinks need to be explored through writing. Nurse Blood is a good example of that. She hinted at a new project that falls right into this scope of her writing. I tried my best to get her to spill more, but all she would say was that it was definitely pushing another taboo to its limit and one that was particularly timely. I know she will deliver something well worth the readers’ time, so be on the lookout for what comes next from her.

She is always looking to push her career to the next level. She wants to grow as a writer and gain the attention of some larger publishers. For her, it is all and always about growing as a storyteller and moving forward.


I hope I have made the case for Rebecca Besser. Check out her work with Re-Civilize beginning with book 1 Chad. Check out Nurse Blood for some great horror. Go back and pick up Undead Drive-Thru book 1 while you are at it to see what else she has created with zombies.