The case for Jay Wilburn

Unless you’ve had your head stuck in the sand for the last month, you know that Summer of Zombie 2016 has been going on like well-oiled machine. If not…get your bad self over there now to find out what it’s all about. If you’ve been following Summer of Zombie 2016, you’ve also probably noticed Jay Wilburn has been doing a masterful job at heading up the entire tour. Not only has he been taking the time to create Facebook Live posts that are all very much worth watching…he’s scheduling, wrangling, and containing a host of post apocalyptic writers…all the while being a dad, husband, friend, and all around amazing guy.

Of late, Jay has been doing something rather special for all the authors involved. What special thing is that? He’s been penning “Case for” posts for each of us. These posts do a great job of saying why you should be interested in each writer on the Summer Of Zombie 2016 tour. Jay has taken a lot of time out of his busy schedule to craft very specific posts for each of us and they’ve all been spot on. Have a sample from the great tray of cheese:

I thought it only fair to return the favor and do a “Case for Jay Wilburn” post to highlight one of the genres true gems.

jay-wilburn-logo-brain-tag-line-color2I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jay on a number of fronts. But even before I mention his words and our collaborations, I have to say that I not only consider Jay Wilburn a friend, but one of the nicest guys I’ve ever worked with. Underneath that snarky exterior lies a heart that beats an incredibly kind rhythm and a soul crafted from the stuff that defines the word humane. Jay’s one of the good ones…on every level.

As for his written work, Jay manages to do something with the apocalyptic genre few others do — he reminds us what it is to be human and how that very condition would help guide us through the post apocalyptic nightmare. His characters carry with them a level of depth and truth that isn’t always found in the genre and his stories never fail to prove there’s always goodness in mankind.

Not only have I read Jay’s work, I’ve also collaborated with him on the Hellmouth Trilogy and even narrated one of his novels. On both fronts, I hold Jay in the highest regards. He’s always professional (even when said professionalism is layered in a level of snark most couldn’t handle), fair, and friendly.

To put it simply, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better, harder working guy than Jay.

And speaking of words…if you’re looking for a very well written apocalyptic series, you cannot go wrong with Jays “Dead Song Legend Dodecology”.


But that’s just my opinion. What have the other authors on the tour to say about Jay? This:

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say how much I’ve enjoyed Jay’s daily video updates. In fact, they’re the cherry atop this sundae that is this crazy ship full of scribblers he’s helming. — Shawn Chesser

“While I don’t know Jay personally, I will say I admire his sense of humor and strength in facing circumstances that most of us would have an even harder time facing. That said,  it’s events like this, and seeing the hard work he has put into it (as has Armand), that makes you truly appreciate getting to “know” other writers online. Organizing a bunch of writers can be like corralling wild horses, trying to get everything – and everyone  – in place at once (and not misbehaving) is a feat not many wouldn’t want to face, either. But he’s done it! Bravo! Well-deserving of the Zombie Master Award of the year.”  — Christine Verstraete

“People like Jay Wilburn are a true rarity; he doesn’t take something on and just trudge through it; he makes it his own and takes pride in everything he does. We could all learn a lesson on how to face new projects and challenges from Jay. His philosophy is clearly, “If you’re going to do something, give it all you got.” Thanks, Jay. This author is impressed and grateful.” — Eric A. Shelman

“A consummate professional, Jay knows how to host a month long author gig like Summer of Zombie. Like Rosamalia before him, to corral all these wild literary souls, asking for time and support and communication throughout, takes skill. He knows how this thing rolls, and has shown he knows how to roll it and rock it.” — Peter Welmerink

“If there is one author who is the most dedicated to the craft and his fans; it’s Jay. He is one guy I would drop everything to do anything for. I’m glad to have been a co-writer with him, but most of all I’m glad to call him a friend.” — Brent Abel

“I couldn’t have picked a better person and friend to take over the Winter of Zombie tour this year. He’s gone above and beyond and added new life to the event. I can’t wait to see what he does with the Winter of Zombie tour in November.” — Armand Rosamilia