Beware: Zombies Ahead

That’s right lovelies and gentlemints of the Jackverse — zombies have taken over Louisville, Kentucky. Or at least that’s what one construction sign would have us believe. Of course, we all know that I believe! And boy do I believe. The zombies will arrive…no, actually they already have arrived. Only at the moment, they have been spotted in nothing more than drips and drabs. Eventually, however, those undead moaners and screamers will be hitting the flood gates with a fist full of rot, waiting to get at your sweet meats.

Now, as you can see (by the image taken on a steamy Louisville near-summer night), the zombies have arrived. With that in mind, a few zombie facts you should know:

1: Lie Zombie Lie will hit the shelves at the end of July. ‘Tis the sexy continuation of the ever-expanding saga of Bethany Nitshimi. Here she gathers a new crew to take on the Zero Day Collective. That’s all you get for now. But do know it was bathed in the springs of Awesome.

2: The CDC already has a name for the zombie-causing virus — Z5N1.

3: Z5N1 appears to be spread by person-to-person contact, so washing your hands MIGHT help (‘might’ being the operative word).

4: Recent research in a Thai rain forest showed how a parasitic fungi, a species of Ophiocordyceps, forces an infected ant to wander drunkenly over the forest’s low leaves before clamping its jaws around the main vein on the underside of a leaf in an ant-zombie graveyard.

5: Zombie caterpillars have also been spotted by scientists, with one study revealing the mastermind behind the gypsy moth caterpillar’s zombie-like run for treetops once infected with a virus.

6: You can’t drown a zombie, but you can tuna fish (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

7: Zombie CAN react. They can still hear, smell, and (in some cases) see. So don’t think you’ll get away with showing off as you’re in the middle of hand-to-hand.

8: Zombies that run are exothermic (they have to give off heat to move so quickly), whereas zombies that only shuffle aimlessly are endothermic (no heat given off).

9: The first time the word zombie entered our conscience was 1929 in a novel. That was the same year the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. Hmmmm….

10: Zombies originally hail from Haiti. Voodoo sorcerers (or bokors) from the Caribbean are believed to be able to revive the dead with magic potions, powders and incantations.

Finally, look for a very special promotion when Lie Zombie Lie is published. It’s not just summer causing it to heat up in dis bitch!