Beautiful Freak by Chad A. Clark

The Music Be The Food flash fiction event continues with round two. This time, the song is from a delightful band called Broods. The song is “Freak Of Nature”. Give a listen to the tune and then read the first flash fiction piece, by the fantastic Chad A. Clark.

Beautiful Freak

She opened the straps of the bag and peeked inside. The laptop was there, along with the few paperbacks she owned. What more would she need? The road she intended called for no more than that essential fuel. All else would be found along the way.

They didn’t want her, really. Not what she was. Her parents wanted what they thought they had, an empty vessel that they could fill with the potentials that they wanted. She was nothing but a ship, capable of reaching waters they now could no longer reach. What difference did it make if it wasn’t what she wanted?

They didn’t know how much their love was killing her. How much their beautiful light was smothering her in darkness. Her sad reality had become that the darkness in which she resided became what made her happy, what made her feel safe. It was where she felt the acceptance she needed.

Their tolerance of her passion drove her to the limit. If they wanted no part of what she cared about, maybe she had to think about whether they should be a part of her life. The final shove over the boundary of her tolerance came on the back of her parents demand that if she wanted to continue to get their help, her writing would have to fade away into the past.

It was their decision. She wasn’t doing this. They were pushing her out, where the only places she would be taken seriously would be out there in the world. Let anyone out there try to judge her for what she did.

She would find herself and go on, living on as the freak her mother made. They might see her as insane but her soul was their soul. They made her. She was her mother’s child, even though she was also her mother’s bitter disappointment.

Maybe she was actually beautiful.

Maybe the manic, endless words she put out into the world was really just life, plunged into her veins. Her drive and her art was the best tribute she was capable of.

A tribute to all the crazy things done because of our love.

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