Back to the Fringe Killers: Feels like coming home

Recently I had been torn about what to write next. I finished the first draft of Die Zombie Die, which meant I was now ready to start writing something new (I always have a first draft and first rewrites going at once). I developed two new ideas:

  • A new zombie series, based on the world created in the I Zombie trilogy.
  • A vampire novel.

I have been wanting to pen a vampire novel for quite some time. My first attempt at writing (nearly twenty years ago) was a vampire novel based on my time spent playing Vampire: The Masquerade. That book went nowhere (literally and figuratively) and, after the whole sparkly, Twighlight vampire craze came about, I swore I wouldn’t¬†write one. But then an idea hit me that really begs to be written.

However (cripes my life is filled with “howevers”), it’s been a long time since I played with Skip and Jamie and the Fringe Killer series (A Blade Away and Gothica) is really starting to gain steam. But more than anything — I really enjoy living with Skip and Jamie. No, they aren’t the typical crime fighting duo (purposefully), but damn they are a hell of a joy to write. And so…I have decided to give Jamie and Skip their due and come back to that relationship that just feels like home. In fact, I already have the first draft of the next book, Endgame, almost half-way¬†written.

How is that? I just finished Die Zombie Die! No one is that fast. Simple, I put on my magic pumps, tossed some glitter in the air, and BLAMO! it was written. Okay…not really, my pumps aren’t magic. The truth is, I started writing Endgame a number of years ago. But somewhere in the middle of writing that book, the idea for Shero hit me and I put Endgame down. So the second I finished the first draft of Die Zombie Die, I picked up Endgame and re-read it…and really loved what I read. The relationship between Jamie and Skip was like a warm comfy pair of pajamas, that fit you just perfectly, don’t bind, and certainly do not ride up the ol’ hoohaa.

And so I have decided it only makes perfect sense to finish what I’ve started. I believe so strongly in the Fringe Killer series. I believe these are stories that need to be told about people that must be celebrated. And who better to celebrate them than with my old friends Jamie Davenport and Skip Abrahm. Get to know them, I believe you find them as comforting as I.