By Jess Austen Jared loved a bookstore. He loved the smell of the books, the feel of them in his hands. There was nothing more sensual in the world than the leather bound cover of a book. Or the cloth binding of a hard cover. With the dust jacket. Just […]

The Easy Pick Up

By Jack Wallen “I never said you were icky!” Declared Tommy, hands in his pockets and feet scuffing the ground beneath his Converse All-Stars.  “Did too!” Cindy was adamant about what she’d heard. Her friends even stood behind her nodding their little blond heads. “You said you didn’t want to […]

The Perfectly Imperfect Moment

By Samantha Swalgin Seven months. Two weeks. And three days. Rebecca stood at the airport, clutching her coat tight in her arms as she waited for her husband’s plane to land. Her husband, First Lieutenant Jacob Stewart, sent off on his second tour just before the young couple could celebrate […]

His Homecoming Promise

By Dean Lappi Val shifted for the hundredth time on the frozen cardboard floor of the refrigerator box that was home. No matter what position he tried, the pain deep inside his stomach remained. He knew what the pain meant. He had watched his wife die from cancer fifteen years […]