Your first “Ask Jack”

As promised, I now offer you up questions sent in by readers/fans and answered by Jack/Wallen. This will be an on-going, regular-type feature here on Get Jack’d, so don’t think it’s too late to get your questions in. All you have to do is send in an email to me and I’ll be sure to get those questions answered! And now, let’s all put on our cookie pants, and answer some questions!

From Yeidy:

1) Will Cry Zombie Cry be the last book from the I Zombie series?

No. The I Zombie series will eventually bridge into the Book of Jacob series. Here’s the thing — the Book of Jacob series is set 30 years AFTER the I Zombie series. I’m not going to write thirty years worth of books for the I Zombie series (I don’t think anyone wants to watch Bethany grow so old she’ll break a hip fighting the undead), but I do have a specific point I have to reach in order to successfully bridge to the BoJ series. I would like to get ten books out of the I Zombie series.

2) What is Screampark about?

Screampark is a real haunt, in Lexington, Kentucky, where I did an acting workshop for the cast. During this three-day workshop, I realized there was a story to be told. After speaking with the owners, they happily agreed to allow me to use the name, the characters, and even some of the actors’ names in the book. Here is the actual blurb for the novel:

If you can scream, you’re still alive!

Screampark – one of the top haunts in the country, has a past that threatens to rip the fabric of the present apart. Turn of the century serial killer, Vinny “The Vicious” Manchetti, stripped innocent victims of their lives and souls for sport. Now he and some of his victims are back to wage a war on the grounds of Screampark.

A group of misfits and cast aways, lead by nerd-turned hipster Chris Davis, step in to save the park and wind up battling for their own lives.

Like most of my books, Screampark will become a series in which I will release a new novel every year for opening night of the haunt!

3) When did your love for zombies start?

I have been a lover of horror since I was a child. Horror is one of my biggest passions. My love for zombies came into full force when I saw “Return of the Living Dead”. There was something about that film — some irreverent punk quality that drew me in. At that point, I realized the zombie was the real “cool kid” on the horror block. The zombie doesn’t care what people think about it. The zombie shambles to a beat of a very different drummer. The scene that takes place in Resurrection Cemetery (In “Return”) really sealed the deal for me.

But it’s more than that. The zombie is the one monster that has gone (mostly) untouched. Unlike the vampire and the werewolf that have seen some major changes over the last decade (they managed to get hunkier, sparklier, and even some get the girl in the end — oh, that sounded all sorts of wrong), the zombie has pretty much remained the same. The zombie is a sort of universal constant in the world of monsters.

4)What’s your favorite zombie movie?

That is a tough question. Though some might not consider it a true zombie film, Doomsday is pretty amazing. It doesn’t hurt that Ronna Mitra takes up much of the screen time. As for more standard zombie fare — I’d have to go with Dead Snow. Why? It has zombies AND Nazis combined together (as well as an outhouse scene you might never forget).

From Leigh:

What is your fav scary movie and what is your fav scene from it?

Such a challenge. There are so many good horror films. But I have to go with Hellraiser. Not only does it contain one of the most iconic “monsters” (Pinhead), but it has done more to influence modern horror than most other horror films.

As far as favorite scenes — the first entrance of the Cenobites. That scene was so perfectly built up and filmed. When Pinhead and the gang finally arrive the overall effect is as lovely as it is gruesome.

From Johnathan:

If you had to compare your writing to a band’s lyrics, what band would you say best fits your style?

Believe it or not, I don’t have to think about this one much. I have to go with The Fixx. Their lyrics have always been important to me. There is a lyricism to The Fixx you don’t find with other bands. Their ability to play with words and bring about multi-layered meaning is unsurpassed. Take, for example, their new single, What God:

Stay like
Awaken from sleep
Stay in line
Rising in the east
Sad signs
Shadows pointing up
To an old trespassing sign
Put up in the night
I pulled up under the neon cross
Took my place in the viewer’s journey, direction lost
A smile is over the fear of damnation
The fans have cognized this portray station
To be called time and time again
Paradise is just a destination
‘Til they’re claiming the state of mind
What god?
What god?

The Fixx has a way of penning words in unexpected ways and conveying truths others hesitate to state — all done in a twisting, lyrical fashion.  Peel back the outer layers and you’ll find something unexpected beneath.

And there you have it ladies and gents of the Jackverse, your first Ask Jack. Keep those questions coming in. Be beautiful!