The apocalypse continues

As I am currently going through the edits for My Zombie My and working on the first re-writes of Die Zombie Die, my new series is boiling in the back of my skull…begging to be heard…itching to force my pen to paper to begin a newer, darker journey. That new journey now has a name and even a mock cover for the first in the series. Come into the landscape of my nightmare and let me tell you about what is to come in the new world order.

As I was writing the final book in the I Zombie trilogy I realized there was something about the story that begged to continue — something that was going to be left unsaid. And when I wrote the last few sentences it hit me. Not only was I not done with zombies (far from it to be honest), I wasn’t finished with Jacob’s story. I do not want to give anything away (because in doing so would ruin the ending of the trilogy), but from those original three stories a new series has been spawned. That new series:

The Book of Jacob

That’s right. This new series will be set some thirty years after the Mengele Virus hit and will be much darker and bleaker than anything I’ve written thus far. Each book will be titled The Book of Jacob and will be subtitled verse 1, verse 2, verse 3…until I complete that series. I have no idea how far that series will go, but I promise I will end it before Fonzy comes skiing out in his leather jacket to “jump the shark”.

The Book of Jacob excites me because it’s going to focus on survival as much as it will focus on zombies. The main character (which I will not reveal just yet) is immediately thrust into a very painful situation and quickly becomes obsessed with exacting revenge on the remainder of the Zero Day Collective.

Because this series is set near 2045 we will see just how far the world has collapsed under the weight of the Mengele Virus-induced entropy. If you thought life was hard for Jacob, Bethany, Jean, Michelle, and Daniel — just you wait. The Hellride is going to hit 11.